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  1. Hi If you are dealing with real estate agents I find the best way is to put the pictures and videos on a dvd an deliver it that way. But in addition to that you most likely will need to post your videos to either Youtube or a service like Vimeo so that you can get a link and the embed codes they will need to post the videos up to MLS sites or their own company web sites. Youtube is the easiest and it is free so that is what we are currently using, starting your own channel on youtube is very easy and uploading the files pretty simple, once uploaded you just go the video and click on the s
  2. I use Cyberlink Power Director for my videos and Photo Elements 14 for photos. I was using Premier Elements 15 for video but it just didn't have the advanced capabilities I needed. Jim
  3. Hi Here is one of our real estate videos for a property in Highlands, NC. Thanks for watching flybystudios8.com