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  1. Thank you Steve. I've been working on this for some while now, it's all down to selling our place in Brazil. Many people are filming their voyages around and about the oceans and the places they visit, unfortunately I find the film and imagery lacking somewhat. lets hope I can make it exciting enough for people to want to watch it.
  2. Was asked by Alan Perlman, where I fitted in here. I am a forty five year professional photographer who was always feet on the ground. I did use a fifteen meter telescopic mast for specialised aerial photography as it was cheaper than hiring a helicopter. My move to drones in my senior days is to enable me to film and shoot stills from one piece of kit. As soon as we mange to sell our property in Brazil we will be buying a cruising yacht and set off on my lifes last and hopefully great adventure. Exciting video will play a major part in this venture and drones will deliver what I need. I have checked out many on this site and have got it down to two or three at the moment. That's, I believe how |I fit in here..;-)