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  1. Could you please upload 2 and 3 photos one more time? I cannot open them... I like the last photo, but the 1st one looks a bit hazy.
  2. I also use Final Cut Pro for videos. And for pics I take there is but it's only for those who is interested in HDR. What exactly would you like to know about Final Cut Pro?
  3. Switzerland, my love! Amazingly beautiful country. But the video is a bit too fast at some moments, it makes me feel dizzy sometimes.
  4. Impressive job! Did you use 2 drones to capture each other? You can make videos of ports or ships freely? I thought it's banned...
  5. Hi James, You have got an impressive biography! Why didn't you find a job in Professional Photography? Lack of wish or no decent offers? Is it difficult to make a drone on your own? I only bought them but now I'm thinking about making my own. Though I'm a bit scared of this idea - not sure if I'll manage to make it fly)