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  1. Hi Alan, I am aware of the elios and think their solution is excellent. There is also group of companies looking into autonomous flight of UAVs within ballast and cargo tanks and I think the pre-mapping idea is the prefect solution to navigating around such tanks. Personally I would like to see drones developed towards making life easier and safer for ship crews. As well as inspection of tanks, I think there could be systems created to aid recovery of people falling overboard,
  2. Hi there, I recently read some articles about UAVs being used for the purpose of structural inspections of offshore oil platforms and the cargo tanks of ships. Having worked operationally in the maritime industry for the last 16 years, in both the offshore energy and merchant sectors, I was wondering if I can help any UAV professionals get started in these markets. There is definitely lot of room for UAV service and product development in the maritime industry, so depending on your needs, I can help you understand the maritime industry better and identify local opp
  3. Ok, thanks for your comments
  4. Ok.......who do I need to speak to, to create a custom navigation "app" "software" "program" "autopilot".
  5. By pattern recognition are you talking about lines on the road, sign posts or something else?
  6. Hi everyone, Can a drone fly around a pre-mapped environment using only visual position references?