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  1. Just for clarification, and I not to be argumentative, the sectional chart that I posted earlier is the current chart. To be certain, I downloaded the Jacksonville Sectional from the FAA website. The chart is valid from February 2nd 2017 through August 17, 2017. This is the same chart that you can buy at the local airport or by subscription. The FAA Sectional Chart does not show UAS Airspace restrictions. The Chart that Ed O'Grady posted uses a Sectional Chart with a third party overlay to show the UAS airspace restrictions. For our purposes, that is a good chart for flight planning.
  2. First, I can not help with the DJI issue. The airspace, however, is interesting. Below is a screenshot taken from The town of Starkey is in Class G airspace with Class E Airspace beginning at 700 AGL just to the Southeast. Restricted Areas R2903A and R2904A extend from the surface to 23,000 and 18,000 feet. Running from West to East over the area is a Special Military Activity Area extending from 3000 MSL to 5000 MSL to the west, and 3000 MSL to 6000 MSL to the East. In looking at the chart, the only controlled airspace in the area are the Restricted Areas. However, a
  3. I should add that if you currently hold a license under part 61, all you need is a flight review. Then you can take the online Part 107 test. I elected not to take a flight review, so I took the Part 107 knowledge test at my local FBO.
  4. If you complete a part 61 rating and meet the flight review requirements, you can take the online test on the FAA web site. Then submit your application to the local FSDO, certified flight instructor, designated pilot examiner, etc. Check out Part 107.63. You can do a Google search for FAA Part 107 and download a copy. I hope this helps. Randy.
  5. My situation is similar to yours. I retired from flying about two and a half years ago ( mostly helicopters), and did not have a current flight review. Part 107 requires that you take the test like someone without any flight experience. I would recommend that you take the course on UAV Coach then take the test. The FAA test is poorly written/ weird and their course will give you an idea of what to expect. I just completed the test last Wednesday.