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  1. Hi Steve, I own and operate AerialScope with my wife in CT. You can visit our website at We use the data from our aerial imagery to create 3D models, orthomosaics, DSMs etc. Our contact information is on our website, if you think we would be a good fit please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you, Bryan
  2. I agree. Paying attention to all the politics involved in any industry is painful not to mention frustrating. This is going to affect anyone, commercial or hobby that likes to fly anywhere and everywhere. Here is the ULC Tort Law draft May 8, 2018. Get educated, get involved the article above allows you to get on a mailing list to stay informed: 2018may8_TLRDA_Conf Call Draft.pdf
  3. Great article! Stay informed!
  4. Check out this email from AirMap to lawmakers asking to vote in favor of the Drone Innovation Act aka The Indusrty Killer:
  5. Finally someone brought up AirMap as a regulating force. If you are still using AirMap don’t! They support legislation like the Feinstein bill and want local governments to regulate airspace. This is all for their bottom line. I highly suggest this community to look into this and make your own decisions.
  7. I agree. This could be very positive. I also think it should be discussed.
  8. This program could potentially lead to state governaments and local municipalities to impose their own regulations and laws for UAVs. One particular aspect of this program is lowering our maximum operating altitude down to 200ft AGL. The other issue is this could also generate a patchwork of regulations to that we must follow in order to operate legally or at all. Right now we only deal with the FAA imagine having to keep up with regs and laws state to state town to town. The more UAV pilots that know and get involved the better.
  9. For some reason I can’t find anyone talking about this on this forum. Is no one concerned about this?