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  1. Hi Steve, All the Lipo batteries have been refrigerated for the past 3-years. I believe some of the larger ones are brand new. I'll try charging and see what happens. Thanks for the heads-up! I. Illya FriedmanHot Rod Cameraswww.hotrodcameras.comBurbank, CA
  2. Hello All, My name is Illya Friedman. I run a camera shop in Burbank that has a lot of UAV clients. Most of the UAV products we sell are ready to fly from DJI- Inspire, Phantom, Mavic..etc. The reason for this post is that I was contacted by one of my professional cameraman clients who has sort of a hand built "Unicorn" UAV set-up he built and used on a professional commercial about 3-years ago. He spent about $17,000 between the S800 EVO, Zenmuse Z15 gimbal, GH3, Futaba, wireless video, custom folding props, monitor, custom Pelican cases, FPV system and thousands of dollars with extra batteries..etc. It was only flown by a Section 333 Exception pilot. And after that first job, it hasn't been used it since- never been registered. I'm told it works perfectly, but it's outside my comfort zone to fly so I haven't tried it. Based on the way the industry is heading my estimate is that it's probably lost 75%+ of it's value in the past 3-years. My client is far too busy with his day job and has asked me to help him liquidate it. Does anyone here have a recommendation on the best on-line place to post a listing/advertise this sort of thing? Any help in directing me to the right place is greatly appreciated! Kind regards, I. Illya Friedman Hot Rod Cameras Burbank, CA