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  1. Currently we're going for an Erle Brain 3, which is essentially a Pi with a "flight controller hat" enclosed together in a case, but in order to interface with additional sensors, we added an Arduino that communicates the data it collects back to the Brain vis USB. Other teams have said, however, that this setup is not optimal for all the computer-heavy tasks required for the competition, so some have recommended a Pixhawk purely for flight control and having the remainder of the processing be done offboard on a PC Ground Station, especially when it comes to the required computer vision processing. There is also out there on the market a sweet Qualcomm Flight board that one day I'll get my hands on hopefully. Regardless though, the competition is in about 20 days so we're sticking to what we've got. We've managed to get a hold of each individual task separately, but integrating them all together means we need to make the algorithms we use much more efficient and that's what we're hammering on to get to. And haha, yeah. I'm a big fan too. They're what got me started.
  2. Correction! Computer Science & Electrical Engineering.
  3. If the incident that triggered Feinstein was seeing a drone right outside her window, then going after 200ft is a bit excessive. At even 100ft, what sUAV could pose a threat really? However, I am of the opinion that better regulation is part of the needed effort to build a better reputation for commercial & professional drones, like what Bubba discussed. Also, I believe that a state or local community should have the right to regulate what happens in their own areas when it concerns something as personal as drones. So, with that said, if the area of jurisdiction proposed was more reasonable, like say 20ft or even 30ft, it would keep both ends of the spectrum happy. As far as I can tell, with something more like that, professional drones can still do most of the work they want while not posing any real harm or threat to people or their environment, and home and property owners don't really need to worry about trespassing or privacy violations (given the states implement laws we expect them to). Even starting off with a complete ban of drones within that jurisdiction, it's not too bad, and with time and engagement from respectable drone-user entities, those laws would improve to better reflect the reality.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Abdullah Almosalami. People usually shorten that to AB for obvious reasons. I am a student at NDSU working on getting a Computer Science & Mathematics double major. I am the project lead for the Bison Robotics Quadcopter project. We are entering the IARC 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia with our autonomous drone and we're in to win it. More plans next year. My main personal interest in this is autonomy & AI of drones, and will soon begin work on collaborative systems of drones because that what really gets me going. Excited to be a part of this community and hope that I may be of as much benefit to it as I'm sure it will be to me. Bye for now, AB