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  1. Thank you Christian, I appreciate your feedback. I did notice that when I was putting it together and should have corrected it asap. It is amazing to me that the little things we see in our "normal view" become so exaggerated in our "video view". The thing that brought that our for me was the new sign for the skate park....when I look at it in normal view it looks great, when I look at it in video view all I can see is the garbage at the base. I almost took that out but wanted to do the reveal of the sign in the intro. I shot the video with the Autel X-Star which is rapidly becoming outdated with all of the new units appearing in the market. Thank you for a great class and I look forward to any more advanced options you may offer, Bruce
  2. Wow, what an experience. When I bought my drone, I knew I would be making videos so I purchased Final Cut Pro X. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing and while this course was a great help I now realize how far I must go to consider myself proficient…. this is almost as much fun as flying my drone. My final (semi-final) presentation is located at this link I think I covered all the requirements for the video except the final credits which I chose to put over a still of the graffiti are vs over a black background. The answers to the questions are as follows: 1. As mentioned above I used Final Cut Pro X. I also have Premiere Pro CC which has a lot of related apps that I may try out as I become more proficient and creative with my editing ability. 2. I edited in 4K 29.97p stereo. 3. I was trying to focus on fun, action activities in this video which may eventually be used on the Skate Park website to show others how the park is being used. It was also tight to get some of the shots so I was trying to versatile with my flying while being respectful of my subjects. 4. I think choosing the music was one of the toughest parts of the finished product. The first step was finding music that I could legally use. I went to the forum and found Eric Matyas website ( which offered so much music. Links to other such websites would be very helpful. I wanted something that would be upbeat and maybe even appeal to the potential viewers. More on this question later. 5. I wanted the piece to reflect the feel of the park…young, upbeat, talented, creative kids. The graffiti is amazing and if you have ever tried to ride a skateboard or bike in the bowl you will understand their talents. I also wanted a finished product that the volunteer committee could use to show potential donors what their contributions helped create for our young people. 6. I think I answered this question in my response to 4 above. The story, there are indeed places where our youth can have good clean fun in a safe environment thanks to your donations and the hard work of your committee. 7. Lesson 1…. have an image of the final product before you start filming, it will make the editing go a lot smoother. I think more shorter clips makes it easier to put together the final product. Lesson 2…. music, music, music. Both selecting the appropriate piece and then trying to match it to the piece. I had no idea how critical that was nor how difficult to achieve. Since I became aware of that aspect of editing I have been watching video clips from a different perspective. Lesson 3…. patience. It took me a while to put this together and I found that I had to occasionally get away from the screen and think. I can’t tell you how many times I would come back to the computer with ideas that I thought of while I was away. I bet I uploaded 6-8 versions before I got to this one. I kept finding little things I wanted to fix. Thank you for a great class. I learned so much and am excited to learn more of this fun activity. I look forward to all your comments which will help me get better at this complex art. “Flying your drone is fun, exciting presentation of your filming is an art.”