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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Bob and I live in Surrey, England in the UK (Soon to no longer be part of the "EU"). One of my part-time hobbies is photography and recently, due to a prostate infection, I had been off work for several months. This gave me the opportunity to watch plenty of You Tube videos about drones, the different types, brands and the do's and don'ts of flying etc. I settled on a DJI Phantom 3 Standard as my first venture into the hobby. May get a bigger, better one later on. I have bought 2 extra batteries (official ones) and a gimbal/camera guard. I had a couple of small "incidents" at low level and luckily onto soft bushes and grass so no damage other than green scars on blades. I'm going to France for D Day events again this year and this was one of the reasons wanted to buy one. I'm hoping to get written permission from the cemetary at Omaha for some shots, and will be contacting French Aviation Authority to get official guidelines for useage in France. Any experience or tips most gratefully received. Cheers all Bob