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  1. In Phoenix, along with Tucson or Albuquerque (or elsewhere technically) we have started doing drone training courses that are geared to engineering/mapping/survey users. We have course outlines if you want to see details, but we have set up three classes - 1 to prep for the test, another for actual flight and flight planning (includes a half day of field flying) with the other half day being mission planning with various tools, such as SiteScan, or Pix4D, and issues related to getting he right GSD, shot angle and coverage. Our third class is what to do with the resulting data - processing it, and using orthos and models in various Autodesk software like AutoCAD Map, Civil 3D, Infraworks or Recap. It would be of little value to someone doing real estate or video work, but should be pretty helpful to those in the engineering world. We've spent a lot of time trying to develop reasonable workflows. BTW, the "we" is CADsoft Consulting (http://www.cadsoft-consult.com). We are an Autodesk partner and do a lot of engineering technology consulting.