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  1. I'm checking a bundle for $549 with a case, more memory, filters, propeller set, but it doesn't have good reviews (lol). I think I'll buy the drone alone as it comes, and I will buy the rest later, if I need them
  2. absolutely! I was reading some reviews and checking some videos and it seems to be the best choice right now. I think I'll go for it on Amazon. Should I buy the basic kit or get something like a bundle?
  3. I will be doing more recreational flights, hoping to learn all about aerial video and photography (I'm a photographer). After that I hope to buy a better drone maybe in 1 or 2 years (probably early). I'm checking right now that model, but maybe other is better for a similar price. Or maybe the same model in a bundle or something? Thanks for your answers guys!
  4. Hello there! I would like to ask you about the model DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I'm a newbie on drones, and I would like to start flying a decent machine but no spending too much for the start. Could you guide me on this please? Thank you!!
  5. Hola! I'm Alvaro from Chile and I'm here to learn all about quads and aerial photography. I'm starting for the research part, deciding what to buy on the cheap side to learn. I hope you can help me and I hope to help you in the future!