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  1. My name is Mike Russell and I am the owner/president of UAS Fire Consulting LLC in central New Jersey. UAS Fire Consulting LLC originated from the results of my doctoral research on the perception of UAS use in fire departments in New Jersey. The primary function of the business is to assist organizations and agencies in the fire services and other public organizations with drone acquisition, training and policy development. I started my business a year ago with just me. It hasn't been easy but I've made it through the first year. I'm still a small operation but am making headway. I've just signed on a new partner who I've known for several years. Together we have 30+ years experience in both the fire services and law enforcement. In that time we have developed an extensive network in both industries. Collectively, my business partner and I have spoken at public safety symposiums, briefed first responders and law enforcement agencies at the largest infrastructure project taking place in the United States (the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge), have published a public policy text and trade magazine article respectively, and have prepared several students to take and pass the Part 107 exam. As well we are both veterans of the armed forces (US Army Reserve/Army National Guard and US Marine Corps). At this point, we would now like to bring on an RPIC to handle flying responsibilities. I'm Part 107 certified but I'd like to have someone who can talk the technical talk and explain the various UAVs, sensors, monitors, 3D mapping, and all of the engineering/technical details, etc. to our prospective customers who up until this point have mostly been members of fire departments and police departments, in addition to some commercial individuals which include landscape businesses. We are looking for someone who can do all of the things I mentioned above but maybe hasn't quite established himself/herself in the industry yet and is looking to work with a newer company. The prospective pilot would need to have ample flight time and a good working background on the technical details described. Our business has been approached by public safety and commercial organizations around the area and in a short time has built a positive reputation for its training, extensive knowledge, and customer service. Anyone out there interested in having a discussion about this opportunity? For now it would pretty much be on a part-time basis and there would have to be some flexibility with scheduling as we have to work around our customers' availability. That said, with some real effort and a good push maybe we could all turn this into something full-time. Take a look at www.uas-fire.com and get in touch if this is something that appeals to you. Feel free to contact me through this thread or through the email provided on our website. An additional note is that we will also soon be doing business as Drone Flight Services. This will give us the avenue to provide a wider array of services to a broader market of customers. I look forward to hearing from you! Best Wishes, Mike