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  1. I would use the Mavic Mini for travel photography and for teaching my grandchildren to fly.
  2. As a UAV Coach Flight School Instructor, I’m currently using a Mavic Pro as NYU primary platform for instruction. By upgrading to a Mavic 2 Pro, I’ll be able to offer my students training on the latest DJI platform. Additionally, I’ll be able to win additional business as more and more commercial real estate Clients are specifying Mavic 2 Pro in their RFQs.
  3. Whether your Z3 camera is up to snuff depends on the deliverable your Client requires. If they just want some good stills or 1080 video footage for use on the web, the Z3 will be fine. However, if they need high-res stills, slow motion footage or serious 4K broadcast-quality footage, then it’s time to upgrade your camera if you want to take this job. Hope that helps!
  4. My name is Jim Brammer and I am the owner of Soaring Vistas Media Aerial Photography, located in the Los Angeles area. Single biggest challenges, listed in order of priority . . . 1) FAA 333: Petitioned the FAA in mid September, 2015, for my FAA 333 exemption and still waiting for 333 exemption grant. 2) Pilot License: Until the FAA implements a certification process for drone pilots, I either need to get my pilot license or hire pilots. Challenge is finding pilots who want to partner with me. 3) Pricing: Still trying to figure out rates for pricing. Could use some help here -
  5. Greetings! My name is Jim Brammer and I am a professional photographer whose commercial studio business is evolving to embrace aerial photography using UAS. The name of my aerial photography company is Soaring Vistas Media. I have applied for my FAA 333 Exemption in order to fly commercially and look forward to marketing my services for aerial photography. It all started about three years ago when, out of curiosity, I purchased a Parrot AR. Drone. As I taught myself how to fly, I realized the potential of UAS in the photography/cinematography market, espec