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  1. Hi Isabella. Thanks for your article on Autel's trade-in program. Every manufacturer should consider a similar program, I think. It will, however, introduce considerable logistical considerations (e.g. trade-in receipt and processing) and potential investment burden on any supplier. Yes, I'd look into Autel's offer, at a minimum and can plan to take advantage of it. I have several aircraft in my fleet -- all different platforms, all registered and flown commercially, and all with different mission capabilities. The EVO is a great sUAS in class with the Mavic and Anafi.
  2. Good advice on practice. Training flights are FUN! Each maneuver is scalable. Circularizing your flight, especially in tight regimes, is the toughest! This is by courtesy of Scott Burgess, PhD, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and their small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) program. Have fun, and to borrow from Scott Manley (youtube - DSnM), "Fly Safe!" Basic maneuvers to practice to proficiency: Square flight pattern with aircraft heading away at all times Square flight pattern with aircraft facing toward at all times Square flight pattern with aircraft pointing into the square at all times Circle flight pattern around the square with the camera continuously pointing at the center at all times
  3. Make the quad a hexacopter. Evolution of flight, and all that. And, leave the dates out(?) It's relative.
  4. Definitely. Hat, long sleeve tee, polo.
  5. Make sure you have the vessel Master's permission first!
  6. victorbravo77

    ALTI Transition

    Very cool platform. Watch your vto and landing. Runways do serve their purpose!
  7. .jpg of raw oem camera data parrot bebop 2 canandaigua, ny may 2018.


  8. It's just that the dji market is considerably larger than the parrot drone market that I prematurely sensed a cheap shot. Je m'excuse s'il vous plait.
  9. We could go offline and talk about what you did there. I am closer to La Rochelle. 2 hrs east (?), Civray.
  10. Hey, don't sell Parrot short, especially because they're a French company (think Arianne). The Bebop 2 is a nifty little aircraft.
  11. Clear as mud, as the Army often says. But, then that's why I ask the Q. Of course I meant Part 61 rather than 91, but both are applicable by incorporation. Thank you Spitfire76! BTW is that a Rolls Royce, or Packard Merlin?? LOL! And, do you think a practical component of the test is appropriate (e.g. fly a 'T' or fly a box or fly a circle - turns about a point? S-turns along a road? Sudden loss of line of sight)? Good stuff, this.
  12. You are probably right, but statistics can be useful