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  1. Sorry - yes... G. The problem was that as soon as I was inside the 5-mile radius of the Airport, DJI gave me a cannot takeoff message. I had to get a manual clearance code from DJI in order to fly. It prevented flight within the airport circle. Period. Not the first time I'd heard of such things. Have a colleague that went through this 50 mi's down the road with his I-2 bird as well... *adding... my V/O brought along his P4 bird (not a Pro) and had the same results. However, having a cellular tablet, he simply logged in and got an unlock code from DJI on the fly... all worked fine at that point
  2. Follow-up just for others in the future. I spoke a 3rd time with DJI (a different person each time) and finally figured out that it is really no different than getting the code on a non "+" bird. You just have to do it either from a different device such as a phone, or do it ahead of time. The same process works - the same 3-day authorization is there. Just cannot use the controller as you would in a Pro (non plus) version... Case closed !
  3. Went to fly a job yesterday and found myself approx 100 yds inside of the 5 mi circle of an uncontrolled airfield in Class E airspace. This is the first one I've had in that proximity and I quickly found that there is no apparent on-the-fly method of accepting responsibility on the control screen and acknowledging, etc the way there is on a data-connected tablet or phone. This is the Phantom P4 Pro+ which has the integrated controller and thus, no data connection in the field. Today, I reached out to DJI Tech Support (ya... them!) and was immediately instructed to send an email instead. I have another job in the morning in similar airspace and am hoping someone has some experience in this process. The description above should provide enough info for the generic question, but the sectional for the airport is included here as well...