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    Battery and Prop

    Hey guys, I built an f450 quadcopter model. I want to purchase another battery but I don't know how to go about choosing one. Any ideas, thoughts, or recommendations when it comes to batteries. Also, in my research for the right propellers for my drone I've come across two different designs. One is more rounded and smooth shaped. The other is more sharp and triangular in shape (it is this shape that I see on toy rc copters). I also see this prop shape on most youtube videos I see concerning drones. My question is does the shape of the propeller make a difference? Is one more efficie
  2. Hey guys, I'll going to be purchasing a Phantom 4 Pro shortly and one thing I've been investigating is a maintenance/flight log. My big question is which is preferred in the commercial industry? Electronic or paper and pen. I'm a fan of having a non-corruptible, always available, trustworthy physical copy of all my paperwork but I assume electronic copies would be easier to produce copies of when requesting waivers. Maybe both? Also, as I am just starting out in the industry, what would be some good side work to pursue for practice, experience, and to start building my portfolio?