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  1. Awesome! I snowmobile here in Maine and plan on using my new Spark this coming winter. I was wondering how the drone's battery life is affected by the cold and if altitude drains it faster? I know with my GoPro, if the temps are below about 20 degrees F, the battery life is substantially reduced and almost unusable. I'll eventually have 3 batteries with my Spark (once the single is available, I ordered the 2 with the "fly more combo" and usually keep them in my jacket to keep as warm as possible. Great video, we don't have as many open spots for powder, but it would work in th
  2. I'm wondering if those who only ordered the drone by itself will get it 6/15 and those (like me) who ordered the, "fly more combo" will get it 6/30. I asked their customer service folks about another battery to purchase with my order, but the said they were allocating everything so that these orders could ship first. (Which kinda stinks, as I'll have to pay shipping on my one (third) battery when available. I had watched the YouTube video review above and several others and although no drone is all things for all people, this sure seemed like the way to go. I also liked this article,
  3. I'm brand new to the drone world...was considering a Mavic Pro, but went with the Spark. Being a novice, I found that based on the fairly decent price point of $499 and with the included extras (extra battery, prop guards, carrying case, remote) for the $699 "fly more" combo, it was too good an offer to pass up. I also like the versatility of the ability to control via hand, phone, or remote, depending on the range you are looking for. I also bought the "Care Refresh" program, which has it's advantages for a newbie and at $59, wasn't that much to invest in. (Indeed, if I crash, it's anothe