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  1. I don't know if something like this has been posted before, but I'd love to get some insight on a what a typical day, week, and/or month is like for a commercial UAV pilot. Give us the juicy details so us beginners can get a good idea of what its like! How much time do you spend per project? How do you go about setting up for a each project? How much traveling do you do? Answers to questions like these would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. P.S I'm a Colorado native operating out of south Denver. Yay for mountains!
  3. So as a new drone pilot, I'd like some insight or steps as to how to really get myself into a good position in this field. Obviously learning how to fly the drone and passing the Part 107 test are the first steps, but where do I go from there? Do I log as many hours as possible? How do I get into a UAV company, where do I look, etc. Spell it out for me ha ha. I'm so new.