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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely look into that! If you haven't already, I would consider the Polar Pro cinema series ND filters for the Mavic, they do wonders for image quality on bright, sunny days.
  2. That's fantastic! I'm currently doing some work for OWLA (Owasco Watershed Lake Association) to help them raise awareness on Blue Green Algae and to do thermal imaging to improve identification. Unfortunately I'm only advising for the latter, as I need a drone like the Inspire to add a thermal imager. What drone did you purchase for personal use? Thanks for the reply!
  3. Found some great discussions on here about flying, drones, and overall aviation. I was just certified three weeks ago as a Part 107 pilot and I've enjoyed the community that the commercial drone industry has fostered. I'm currently providing Drone Services with my DJI Mavic Pro, as well as on the ground video production services, and I've loved incorporating aerial perspectives into my latest edits. You can check out my work, as well as my drone reel on my company's website, Looking forward to meeting more drone enthusiasts, sharing content, and discussing the possibilities of these incredible machines.