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  1. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Aloha from Maui everyone! Today I'm sharing a video of a fairly simple property, located in Pukalani ('pooh-kuh-lah-nee) town. There's no fancy tub, no pool, no ocean or mountain views...just an average home, a small cottage, and a few fruit trees, nestled in the heart of one of the best little towns on the island. People here are all about community, respect, appreciation and generally living full and happy lives. There's not any of that 'look how much I spent on my doorknobs' stuff that comes with other communities. Most would prefer to grow tomatoes and papayas for themselves, than to dine in the fancy restaurants, eating food from another island or country. Honest hard working folk live here, with wholesome values and strong family heritages. As professionals in our industry, it's up to us to go the extra mile to showcase a property for ALL that it brings to the table. When given a simple property, it's easy to give a simple approach...wide shots of the rooms, maybe a nice cabinet or vanity, slap a few aerials on and done. But what if we dig a little deeper? What if we spend an extra half hour experiencing the space, without a camera in our hands? Do you take time to sit on the lanai (y'all know 'em as 'porches') and listen to the birds, or the sounds of the town around you? Do you spend some energy imagining that you live there, and wondering what you'd find to appreciate about the place? What about the town around the home...do you spend some time finding treasures there to include in the video? I realize every home isn't located in a great little town or village, and that every home doesn't have fruit trees or flowers. The point I'm trying to convey is to slow it down just a little, and train yourself to find magic in every shoot. That's when your product becomes a little more refined, a little more engaging, and you'll begin to notice that you can command a little more pay for your work. Anyhow, enough of my musing, here's the vid. Enjoy!
  2. JBR LIFE Photography

    Green and Blue = Bliss

    Aloha fellow pilots, We've had a pretty surprising amount of rain over the past month, which certainly did its share of damage. But not all was bad, as what is typically a brown and yellow grassy coastal desert is currently a lush green wonderland! The water is a beautiful blue with a bit of green in the shallows, and the weather is 85° and sunny. This time of year is 'chill mode' for most, while we enjoy a slight dip in tourism, which means less crowded beaches, snorkel/surf spots, and of course, most importantly, less crowded schedules. I've been taking advantage of the free time to play with the new drone, using the telephoto zoom feature to create high detail wide photos. These are some favorites from the weekend. Enjoy the view!
  3. JBR LIFE Photography

    My first drone video

    That was enjoyable, thank you for sharing. And like @Av8Chuck said, keep 'em comin'!
  4. JBR LIFE Photography

    West Maui Mountains

    Big Mahalo to all three of you, for the compliments and encouragement, and for the time you spent viewing. I'm beyond grateful to live in such a lovely paradise, more than happy to share my visual interpretations of it!
  5. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    I've never seen this vid before, but I'm confident the pilot has his aerial stock car track method down (circle, circle, circle, circle)
  6. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Well, it's doable, that's for sure.
  7. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Bro...Pearl is soooo crowded!
  8. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Buy it!! And then move to Maui so we can play drones together.
  9. JBR LIFE Photography

    Vacation Videos

    This is truly a very entertaining video! Beautiful footage all around, every single clip seems to have a purpose in the timeline. I wouldn't say you used the wrong editor, I'd say you made use of the editor you had, in a spectacular way. I'm curious, Luke, was some of the footage shot @ 48fps or 60fps?
  10. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    It's getting easier to win the business on the end I've been shooting for a couple years, a little tougher to win the high-end biz, although I do still get to shoot $10-20M homes from time to time. But yes, having a higher-end aerial rig would definitely assist with that.
  11. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    When you forget your gimbal at home, what do you do?? Hand-hold it like it's no big deal and pray you get a clean shot here and there!
  12. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    A simple 3BR, 1.5BA home with a fresh remodel and a beach across the street = $1.18M on Maui. Enjoy!
  13. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Very pleasant to watch, relaxing music, seems to fit the vibe of the area. I'll be honest, I cannot tell which shots were done on which camera, seems like no difference, all sharp & clear. Something you might recommend to the client for future vids - place the branding logo in the lower right corner, as opposed to the left. Latin-based languages read from the top left corner of a page, to the bottom right, meaning we quick-scan the same way...glancing at the top left, then center, then bottom right. Placing the logo in the bottom right will be seen less intrusively and will fee more natural to the viewer. This is just some blah blah info I learned years back when I was rehabbing defunct automotive repair shops. I used to bring them from 'about to close the doors' to 'highly profitable with happy customers' and we did a ton of it through print advertising, and this formula worked 100% of the time.
  14. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Interestingly enough, property development moves rather slowly here, unlike the already-built home market, which moves in a matter of days. It'll be very interesting to see how the community responds to this development once the homes start popping up. There are fewer than 40 lots on the entire tract of land, which keeps everything spread out and not looking like a crammed up suburbia, and that's a good thing here, as Maui residents definitely don't want the place to start filling up and looking like Oahu (overcrowded, high-rise office buildings, etc). Bro, I wish I could sink the $$ into that setup, but right now it's just simply out of reach for me. In order to fly the A7RIII, I'd have to purchase another for backup, along with more glass as backup, and then the flying rig itself. When I start adding up the money involved, I'd probably come out better off springing for an Inspire 2 + X7 with full CineRAW unlock. So, basically, either way I'm looking at about $15-20k being dropped, which just isn't in the budget yet. I'm still climbing toward higher priced gigs, which is good, but progress and timing and whatnot are the limiting factors. As far as using shallow DoF, no matter the camera, I'd still shoot @ f11 or better for wide area land shots, just because the investors want to show the land in its entirety, as clearly as possible. The good news, however, is that the little Mavic 2 Zoom accomplishes a bit of shallow DoF via lens compression (more appropriately, it allows for a bit of parallax effect). Sure, it's nowhere near as sharp & detailed as the Sony cam, but it's a $1500 tool that still makes clients go 'oooooohhhh.....ahhhhhhh'.
  15. JBR LIFE Photography

    Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    I recently was contacted to shoot a mostly aerial video piece for a large upcountry development. We've had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, so the land is nice & green, perfect for marketing. The client is new, but tends to handle high end luxury properties, so I'm excited for the connection. The camera lineup: Sony A7R III + 16-35 and 24-70 G-Master glass Phantom 4 Mavic 2 Zoom GoPro Hero 5 Enjoy!