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  1. I dunno which version it I have, but I love using it. Been a real life saver for low-light noise reduction. Helps with flicker a little as well, but I prefer to use a proper ND filter to remedy that while shooting.
  2. Sometimes, it's just droney baloney. This place had several structures, none of which were suitable for interior filming. So, outdoor small drone madness for this one, with a few b-roll ground clips folded in. Enjoy!
  3. You nailed it. Reasonably busy, enough that a new large parking structure was erected, with a tram, and there's a plan to extend the runways for international flights, but you know...Maui time, so could be like a decade or more from now. Small group of operators who actually request airspace, but there are enough sky pirates around sending up drones in this very area with no regard to the airport being right there. It's nuts. The tower manager was beside himself delighted that I phoned in so we could actually coordinate. But there was no requirement to phone in beforehand on the waiver.
  4. Much appreciated, Dave, I'll try this. Seems to be the closest thing to solution for now.
  5. Yes, I know that DJI geo has nothing to do with LAANC. That's exactly the problem. I've flown this area we're discussing countless times, zooming up the steep hill, flying back down, on different DJI birds without this ever popping up. A week ago was the first time for this zone. Both birds are current on updates, and yet the P4 still does NOT give me this hassle. As for unlocking ahead of time, that doesn't work here always. Often times this area is socked in with clouds and rain, so it's a case of 'if the clouds are out and you have time, run out there and fly the mission'. THIS is why DJI's micromanagement of airspace is a problem. It would be best if we could submit a 107 cert verification, and they just unlock the zone, leaving us to deal with airspace auth on our own. 107 pilots are not the problem in the illegal airspace operation world. Here's another case...about a week before the debacle mentioned above, I was in a Sfc E 100ft grid. Craft absolutely would NOT liftoff, designated NFZ by DJI only. I hold WAA for this area, and regardless of that, the airport defaults to G space from 6pm until sunrise. So, what if I'm just trying to fly during G class hours, and the aircraft cannot even start because of DJI's fencing? See the problem here?
  6. Aloha and welcome to the group! There's a wealth of experience and knowledge in this group, so stick around and you'll learn a few things from everyone here. Congrats on your real estate aerial video journey. This is the place to share if you're looking for constructive feedback, or just wanna show off some work. Looking forward to seeing some of your vids!
  7. As you can see, this is a problem when trying to climb steep terrain at even 350ft AGL from start point. You can quickly run into DJI's imposed 495ft limit and loose your headroom in short order.
  8. No custom unlock at all, just a straight forward LAANC authorized 400ft grid on the outer edge of the airspace, indicated by the blue outline in the photo below. Note the super steep cliffs in the far edge of the actual LAANC grid. The land below, with houses on it, is also super steep terrain. After obtaining LAANC authorization, I fired up the M2Z only to find this altitude limit of 495ft in place, as indicated by the yellow warning in the top of the screen. Check the pics below to see.
  9. I think you're missing my point. I can fly there, but if I were to be inspecting tall buildings, or simply fly up the hillside, I'd hit a ceiling. Especially the hillside ascent... This would pose a problem, as the drone would still be under 400ft AGL, but DJI's over reach would stop me from elevating accordingly.
  10. Keyframes always sound scarier than they really are. In the end, once you get a good workflow down, it's not a bid deal. Personally, I don't like putting images on screens because it detracts from the view. BUT, I realize I'm shooting places that fairly consistently have epic views out the windows. Maybe if there's a movie theater, then I'll add something to the screen, but usually I keep it to the visual appeal of the structure and environment. Fireplace fire is fun. I have a fire plugin, I'll send you a link via email.
  11. Except for the part where it's specifically a DJI applied restriction to the aircraft, whereas other manufacturers don't bother with micromanaging pilots. The notice popped up within the DJI Go app...NFZ altitude restriction, Max height 495ft. Like I said before, you could literally burn off 300' from terrain elevation within the grid I was flying (400' grid). Has absolutely nothing to do with LAANC system at all.
  12. A house on a hill with a view! This project was another fun lesson in stacking & tracking masks to bring out the data in the bright windows. Fun challenge!
  13. Aloha gang! Just a little heads up to be on the watch for unannounced updated NFZ parameters. I was recently locked out of a zone I've flown countless times under WAA. Echo airspace, 100ft LAANC grid, no take off from DJI. More recently, in local Charlie airspace, given a notice of an altitude cap just over 400ft. White in flat land this would be fine, but where I am, you can exceed that by just flying up the mountain side a few feet. So tired of DJI's airspace management over reach.
  14. I'll be honest with ya, I bought and installed one for my P4, and while it did its job, the overall fit and finish leaves much to be desired. The adhesive is constantly allowing the neoprene to peel away, and the pieces didn't really fit that well without some stretching and a little rubber cement to hold in place. I like the product and its functionality, but I would not purchase another until you've convinced me these issues have been addressed. Not trying to tear down, just giving real world feedback
  15. I know buddy, and I'm gonna just drive that thorn a little deeper in the spirit of love! This is a photo of the lake I grew up on, Norris Lake, an impoundment of the Powell & Clinch rivers. The lake has around 800mi of shoreline. To put that into perspective, the state of California has 840mi of coastline. Shot this on a P4 classic, flown from one of the little floating houses outside the marina.
  16. And here's a jewel of a property, located in Haiku. This place is only about 2.5 acres, but there's a ton packed into it. A main home, a cottage, a detached office, pickleball court, pool, waterslide, waterfall feature, jumping rock, swing hanging from a beautiful banyan tree, giant sized chess court, orchard, and more. It was a challenge to pack it all into a minute, but it worked out. Enjoy!
  17. So enjoyable, thank you for shooting and sharing this! You were near my old stompin' grounds (I grew up about an hour from Johnson City). Borla exhaust systems were the tits when I was into cars. Loved seeing the mandrel benders at work, along with the other parts of the factory.
  18. Beautifully composed, colors all looked good, and that new Sony cam is very much paying off. Great work!
  19. And one more for today. I thought I'd share this small condo video to point out that cinematic video presentations can help almost any property. All ya gotta do is spend a bit of time finding the charm in a place. Enjoy!
  20. Another one in the books! This one went into escrow about a week after listing, along with another I shot two weeks prior for the same new-to-me realtor. It's safe to say she's delighted with the progress since working together! Truth be told, it's the rainbow, not me. 🌈😂🎥🎬
  21. You're welcome, Andrew, I appreciate you taking the time to give it a read!
  22. Aloha Franklin, and everyone else in the thread, I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, so take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I thought sharing the concept of our pricing structure might help. First thing: I charge for photos by 1,000sqft brackets, and video is priced according to time duration. Add-ons include aerial photos, aerial video content, lifestyle content that cannot be shot from the property, sunset session. Second thing: All media is strictly licensed for use by the realtor only, unless licensed to the brokerage (sometimes the brokerage is very small, and pays for the agents' media). Media use is restricted to advertisements for the sale of the property, and for the realtor to use as continued ad content to further their biz efforts. Brokerage can use to advertise for the sale of the property only, and for the duration of the listing only. Ok, so here are the numbers, which should make a little more sense Photo Options: MLS Listing Photo Set (Interior/Exterior ground shots) $400 up to 1,000sqft. + $100 per additional 1,000sqft. (Up to 4,000sqft...if over that size, custom pricing kicks in). Aerial Photo Set $350 Video Options: Full Feature Cinematic Lifestyle (up to 3min max) $1,800 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Social Media Cinematic Highlight (1min max) $1,000 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Add-On Options: Sunset through Twilight Session $250 Off-property Lifestyle Content $250 Again, I work in a ridiculously inflated market, where the median home mortgage is over $800k, so these numbers might look silly to some of you. But the basic structure seems to work decently for me. If you have any questions, hit me up! Mahalo for your time!