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  1. Damn, @Av8Chuck you always knock it outta the park on your productions. Love them all!!! I know you just hatin' brah, cuz I'm down here freezing mah coconuts off in da chilly nights ('bout 74 degrees). But really man, thank you for such high marks in your book of outward views. I take your words at face value, and never fluff, so again...huge mahalos!
  2. Aloha gang! It's time for some more visual storytelling! This video I'm sharing today marks the last project I shot on the a7iii/a7Riii combo. (upgraded to a pair of a7Siii's). The aerial star of the day was the Autel Evo II Pro. I gotta say, the more I use it, the more I love it, although it has a few kinks to be worked out. This home was on the market with another agent for over a year, with no movement, and barely any traffic. The agent who picked up the listing is a dreamer and visionary who definitely thinks outside the box. In fact, I'm not convinced she even believes there is actually a box, and I love that about her. After hearing the client's vision ideas & concepts, and reviewing the old listing imagery & video, I sat down to write up a storyboard. As I'd hoped, it was a 'go' on first draft, although once on-site there were a couple minor story adjustments. But for the most part, what I wrote is what you'll see in the video. Sound design was definitely inspired by @Talon Six Aerial, as I learn a ton from him about that.
  3. Aloha @AncientAirship, and welcome to the group! Thank you for the kind words towards the work I've shared here, that's very much appreciated. Your work looks solid to me, although I don't use too many VFX, aside from some of those already mentioned...a little steam, some tracking videos on a movie projector screen, and so on. I'm in agreement with @Talon Six Aerial in that your area market trends mostly dictate the services you'll care to bother offering. Sometimes you have to launch an education campaign to create an understanding of what is available and why someone should want it. It's a long row to hoe, but doable, as both Matt and myself have experienced this method first-hand. I think that if you enjoy shooting video, or enjoy the idea of learning to shoot video, it'll behoove you to get started on that craft asap. It's one thing to build some VFX around a shot. To build a shot around your intended VFX is an elevated level of production in both quality and value, and will only free up more of your creativity. -Jonathon
  4. Wow, this thing got some traction as of late! Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments, it's very much appreciated.
  5. While we're at it....here's another from a couple weeks ago. For this one, same ground cams, but only the Evo II Pro for aerials. It was a real challenge, flying in the wind on this one, but the little Autel held in there just fine. I still have a few critiques of the bird, which I should prolly post in another section.
  6. Thank you! I appreciate that you can see the upgrades in my color work :). All of this video (save for the old P4 stock pieces) was shot in log, and only 2 clips required noise reduction in post (twilight aerial closer and one other dark time scene before that). Learning how to use curves for video has definitely helped me understand better how to retain depth in the imagery. Yes! That shot lingered and gave a beautiful roll up to reveal the mountain, but the clip length was just too long, and I already had a similar shot near the intro (property reveal clip). So, I chose to manually Ken Burns it (keyframe the scale & position) to avoid what I call the 'Ken Burns stall' at the beginning and end of the shot.
  7. Aloha gang! It's been a while, we've all had our hands full of work, life, Covid-19, wildfires, and all the other 2020 glory that's continually heading our way. I thought I'd take some time to share my most recent production, featuring a true lifestyle story using talent and the property as the setting. One thing about this place is that it's not super 'showy'. We could show only 3 or 4 spaces within the home itself, but the property is another story altogether. It's oceanfront, in an undeveloped area, bordering a wildlife preserve. It's truly an amazing spot to have a home. Drones used for this production were: Evo II Pro (kayak aerials, twilight closing aerial) Mavic 2 Zoom (long shot aerial near the beginning to bring the mountain into perspective) Phantom 4 Classic (some old stock clips, including the beach & rocks aerials at the beginning, as well as the sunset aerial over Big Beach). Ground cams were a7III and a7RIII Enjoy!
  8. Thank you, I find that lingering shots have their place, but really, who wants to look at a relatively boring bathroom sink for more than about 2 seconds? I use a gimbal for all the ground work, but in that other with the flippy sink - to - stove transition, I hand held it to get the 'flip' how I wanted it.
  9. @Av8Chuck Here's another from that complex. The floor plans vary just a bit, but even still, it's becoming tricky to find a way to individualize the videos from unit to unit.
  10. Exactly. People just seem to want canned out of the box greatness from a camera, forgetting that video is really no different from still photography, in the sense that there is no perfect out of the box image. It takes knowledge and work no matter the camera. Now, with that said, it's true, 10-bit is much more forgiving to those who spray n pray without much thought to a histogram. Thanks, and yes, I've done a handful of properties in this place. Because it's vacation rental property, it's been mostly empty for the quarantine period, and still is today, so lots of media updates happening in that complex. Viva 8bits!!
  11. I know there's a LOT of knock on the Sony Alpha cams these days, for not having jumped into the 10-bit recording world. But I'll tell ya', 8-bit video is NOT as hopeless as most might have us believe. This piece has a lot of fun aerial work in it, from both the M2P and the M2Z. Ground footage was captured on an A7R3, using S-log2. Enjoy!
  12. Short & Sweet...I've been offering 30 sec aerial teaser vids for vacant properties, and it seems they're a hit. I charge 'em $500 for the video, toss in a couple ground shots if needed, and done.
  13. Aloha Arnaud, Very nice to have you in the group! I checked out both of your websites, very nice. I'll be watching for @Av8Chuck's questions and your replies, as I too am intrigued by your biz model. Beautiful footage on your real estate video teaser, btw. I rather enjoyed that production!
  14. Yes, often times that's where our layover is from Maui!
  15. Ok, been sitting on this one for a little while, just busy working and whatnot. Now that things are a bit slower, I figured it's time to share. This one is listed @ $25M, reduced from $28M. Crazy to think that their little price reduction is still more money than the cost of most homes on Maui! Aerial work was done using M2P. Here's the catch...I normally shoot D-log, but when I connected the VR goggles for this mission (so the wife could 'ride along'), it reset everything to base settings, so I forgot to switch back to D-log! Nice to know that standard footage cleans up well. lol Ground work done on Sony a7r3 & a73, shot in S-log2, graded in FCPX. All footy was shot @ 4k/24, except for two clips, shot at 1080/60 for slow-mo. Enjoy!
  16. I'm not aware of this, but pretty much anything to do with CA doesn't surprise me. lol
  17. Haha, you got me!! I'm planning on spending all of November in TN again, if you wanna connect?!
  18. For this one, I used a Zeiss 16-35 ƒ4, all mounted to a Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal. For the night time/low light scenes in these videos, I switch to the G-Master 16-35 ƒ2.8 to help with ISO control. I prefer the little Zeiss for other times because it's so much lighter & smaller, & allows the camera to mount a little more forward of the rear gimbal motor. Makes the monitor easier to see.
  19. Some fun drone work here, but not a ton. Can't fly over 100ft in this area, so can't really even clear the buildings, but plenty enough footage to do the trick. Aerials were shot on Mavic 2 Zoom. I have a Pro camera that I swap out now and then, but chose the zoom cam for this job to stay plenty far enough off the beach and away from people. I've been buzzed on the sand before, it's not pleasant. Ground cam is a Sony a7iii. Enjoy!
  20. Aloha Dave, Yes, this does work...it's really just a fast burst rate timelapse, which works out pretty nicely. Only problem is, as @Av8Chuck mentioned, it's a TON of extra work. For stills, I mostly use my a7iii. The 24mp images are much more storage friendly, and slide through LR pretty easily, whereas the monster 42mp files from the a7riii will run you out of space ASAP and make LR crawl. If you're serious about tossing between Sony & Panasonic, then I'd say Black Friday be damned, and you just rent one of each to try out. Save a couple hundred on a sale is cool, but spending a couple thousand and becoming unhappy is by far worse. Personally, I vote for more DR over bit depth. But that's just me.
  21. This one listed @ $5.425M. When I saw it in the daytime, I thought 'Dang, this is a nice house!' Then at sunset, I was like 'DAAANGG, this is a SEXY house!!' Enjoy!
  22. Aloha gang, I had the joy of spending three full weeks in my homeland of east TN, a hop and a skip from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As any sane person would do whilst visiting their grandkids, I made sure to rent a cabin...across the street from the park boundary...with a great launch and landing area on the deck. Here are a couple of my favorite shots peering into the park and surrounding area. Enjoy!