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  1. Hey, thanks for the input! I've already been eyeballing a Sony A7ii for 4k DSLR video, as well as a drone platform that can carry that camera, just to make everything match, in terms of dynamic range and such. The GH cameras are also great, so I'll look into those. Currently, I don't bother shooting 4k with the P4 or the GoPro (only use it for underwater and driving sequences anyhow) because the 7DmkII only shoots 1080p. So, everything is exported in 1080p. I do set the GoPro Hero5 & P4 to 2k, so I at least have some room to crop where needed. I've looked into the Ronin type
  2. Aye, right now I'm charging $750 for a video like this. Last year, I shot over 100 properties (photo, video, 3D, combination of those). So far, I'm around 80 this year.
  3. Aloha community, Today, I'm sharing a few images that I'm rather proud of, created by a technique I've been practicing for several months now. Each image you see is comprised of anywhere between 10 to 25 individual photos, merged together like a jigsaw puzzle. In doing this, I'm able to create high resolution images of panoramic scenes that would not fit in a single exposure. These will print clearly up to around 5-8ft on the long edge, depending upon the image. They vary between 20-100mp. All shot on a Phantom 4 Mahalo for viewing, looking forward to feedback and constructiv
  4. Aloha Scott, thank you for the encouraging review! When you get to Maui, I recommend taking some time to fly around LaPerrouse, and of course anywhere around Olowalu. Enjoy your time, and say hello to the honu (turtles) for me while you're snorkeling! Mahalo my friend! So far, these realtors keep me around, so I'm either doing it right or I'm just too affordable
  5. Aloha UAV'ers! This is a video I shot for a realtor on the island, and of course, afterward I wanted to buy this place. It happens pretty much every time, so mentally, I've purchased a few million dollars worth of homes. But in real life, I still rent Anyhow, this particular shoot was a bit of a challenge, as they wanted to showcase the waterfall, the walking path, AND the property. It becomes a challenge, as most of my clients prefer a video to be 3min or less. In fact, the closer we get to the 2min mark, the better, but some properties just don't allow it. Click it, watch it,
  6. I like these shots, looks like you captured the building and the grounds pretty well. I'm guessing an altitude cap prevented a top-down shot? Numbers 1 & 3 are my favorite, but it does look like #3 is a little heavy on the red tones. Looking forward to the video!
  7. For video, we use FCPX (there are 3 of us editing), which handles all color grading and everything else we need. Occasionally, we'll use a plug-in for certain effects, but rarely. For photo editing, we have an Adobe CC account, using mostly Lightroom, and occasionally Photoshop for more complicated edits.
  8. Beautiful video, and great choice of music! I grew up in good ol' southern Appalachia (East TN / Smokies), and this video totally took me back.
  9. Aloha, I pay for a Vimeo PRO account, which gives ample upload space for large video files. I send the link to the client, and they can download from there as needed, in multiple resolution options (you can unlock downloads in the settings menu of the video). Because realtors often are NOT tech savvy, they tend to use my Vimeo hosting as their direct link to their listings. It's clean, it's easy, no pop-up ads, beautiful streaming and ease of use for the client. Hope this helps, Jonathon
  10. It really depends upon what you can offer, in terms of service, ease of use, professionalism, turn around time on products, and so on. So, do you plan to offer aerial service only? And what does that include? Will you be providing video? Photo? Both? If you're offering photos, will they be edited? Will you make sure to straighten lines, balance color, and remove unsightly objects, such as trash cans, not-so-nice vehicles, yard tools? Figure out what you can offer that's different AND better than whatever they're using now, and that will guide you through your presentation.
  11. When I build 3D models, the Matterport platform allows for a guided tour function. It requires constructing the tour based upon waypoint throughout the home. Once the tour model is complete, I do a screen capture recording via Quicktime of the tour playing from start to finish. The resulting video file can be chopped and edited inside of your editing software of choice. I prefer FCPX. For interiors, I try to use a combination of trickery to get the lighting correct. Early morning & late evening allow for more balanced interior / exterior metering. If it's midday, but the windows
  12. Aloha UAV'ers! I'm new to this online community, and thought I'd introduce myself, and share a piece of recent work to get started. My name is Jonathon, owner of JBR LIFE Photography, located on the beautiful island of Maui. Primarily, I shoot real estate, although our company also specializes in family beach portrait shoots and the occasional wedding, which we contract out to other photographers. I keep the real estate and commercial media projects for myself The video I'm sharing today is a high-end property located on the south shore. These units sell for around $2-2.5M, whi
  13. I feel your pain, and took a slightly different approach than most when building our clientele. The thing to remember is that, after the property sells, in the realtor's mind none of that beautiful media matters anymore. The home is gone, off the market, and they've moved onto the next. However, I choose to point out that their property marketing media is more than just selling the home. It serves as a sales tool to prospective seller clients, long after the initial home sale. Try that angle, and target the high volume realtors. Brokers are a great contact and endorsement tool, but t
  14. Aloha community! I'm new to the forum, but not to UAV Coach, and wanted to jump in on this thread. Since I primarily shoot real estate, seemed like the perfect first post spot. Thanks for sharing these videos, Av8Chuck. The work is solid, and very pleasing to watch. I like that you break up the shots between wide and tight, which is vital to create an attractive real estate video that doesn't put the audience to sleep. As for the matterport camera talk, I own one and use it on the island (Maui). I've even folded the 3D tour model footage into video projects, and no one has yet t