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  1. 3 hours ago, Kdrone_Imagery said:

    @JBR LIFE Photography my follow up question would be, since you charge by square footage, how many photos does that usually entail? 


    However many are needed to tell the property's story.  Most MLS systems limit the count to 30 images for the realtor, but many of the properties I shoot are high end luxury, so the realtor often creates a dedicated website just for the home.  In the MLS listing they add a link to the website, as opposed to an external video link, because all the media is on the one page.

    So, a 4,000sqft home might produce 60-70 images, but some of those are macro details, some are wide spaces.  It's up to the realtor to put it to use and figure which they like, I don't have the time or energy to play photo god for them.  Plus, it's agonizing when they come back with 'I don't like this photo, do you have any others?'

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  2. 18 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    I’m all for upgrading.  You get better equipment and then learn how to get the most out of it.  Are you grading with Resolve?  

    The other thing you might want to check out is the GH5(S).  I know it’s not a full frame but I believe it’s 16bit linear and much improved lowlight.  I use a speed booster lens adapter with L-glass so it reduces the crop and is a stop faster.  

    I think your doing great, I don’t think you need to upgrade for the sake of your property videos.  I get why you might upgrade creatively but the next level gets more expensive than your current customers can probably afford.  


    I'm editing in FCPX, although I keep a copy of Resolve on my computer because 'one day I'm gonna diversify'...yeah...right. lol

    Definitely looked hard at the GH5 lineup, and went with Sony just because I was hell-bent on having a full frame camera that could also shoot solid video.  But that's when I didn't think 8-bt vs. more even mattered.  Oh how we continually learn costly lessons... lol.

    Thanks for the outside perspective.  I think I'll take your wisdom and compliments, and decide to just keep rocking the Sony cams for the rest of this year, and take another look at possible upgrades sometime mid to late next year.  I need to stop blowing money on gear and save up some cash for a house!

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  3. Here's one I wrapped for delivery today, and I'm pretty pleased with it so far.  All shot on A7Riii in custom S-log2, worked in FCPX, custom LUT, etc.  Some of the slow-mo scenes required 1080p since I needed the extra frames.  

    The biggest challenge to this project was the dark style of the interior.  This is a Bali-influenced home, with deep orange wood tones, earth colored walls, and dark trim work around the doors & windows.  Add to the mix immediate shade from  the jungle and a bright sunny ocean view just past that, and you have a crazy contrast situation that requires a LOT of consideration of post-process to set up the scenes properly.  Lighting was definitely used here, but in moderation, so as to not blow out natural shadows and such.

    After a lot of color work, and heaping helpings of Neat Video, I think the overall result is solid.  But y'all have more eyes together than I have alone, so feel free to critique it all you like.  I've nothing to lose by improving!



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  4. 8 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    I’m loving it so far.  So much flexibility in post.

    Glad to hear it!  

    I recently shot a super small home, no view, dogs in the house, etc using HLG3.  It turned out ok, so I moved onto another, nicer luxury condo home.  This time around, I shot everything twice -once in S-log, once in HLG3.  While the HLG3 image came out cleaner, I found that I most definitely could NOT recover the shadow tones as much as I can in S-log.  So, for me, unless it's a run & gun project, it's S-log all the time.

  5. 10 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Here's my latest.  The Mavic 2 Pro continues to be my workhorse and was responsible for all the exterior shots in the video.  For the interiors, I'm still getting used to working with a new camera (A7iii) and shooting/grading in slog2.  There weren't any noteworthy views, so I opted to let the windows blow out.

    Good job, how did you like working with S-log?


  6. Coming soon...

    Here's a frame grab from a home I just recently shot.  The video is still being worked on, but I wanted to share a before/after color grade.  A7riii 4k S-log2 (-7 contrast), using a pair of Dracast 1000LED bi-color square panels.  I didn't want to make weird lighting, so I made sure to not crank the lights to full power, only enough to help lighten the forward wall.  This video is being worked in FCPX.




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  7. On 9/11/2019 at 5:17 PM, Av8Chuck said:

    Color looks better in this video.  Started to go a little towards red later in the day but that’s normal.  The dynamic range is impressive.  

    Higher contrast in log generally looks better but it also pumps up the chroma.  You can shoot “flat” which will help keep truer colors but requires more color correction in post.  

    It’s not like your footage doesn’t look great as is, but if you wanted to spend a bit more time color grading you can get much richer and truer colors plus the added benifit is the image will get sharper by adding contrast in post.  

    More a bit like the conversation we had when we started this thread regarding flying a GH4 or Sony, the better tools you use the more you can push the image to make it look the way you want it to look and not the way drone/camera manufacturer intended.  

    Color and contrast can become as creative a tool as shallow depth of field because over distance they falloff in a similar way as DOF.  That’s why the aerial footage that might have looked, and to most people who fly DJI’s, looked great to you a year ago looks 2D/flat compared the the rest of the footage.  

    Your shots are becoming more 3D which makes the property look more interesting.   That green tint in your footage is the reflection of my envy.  

    Keep up the great work.




    Hey Chuck, thanks for the feedback!  

    I shoot everything in S-log2 with sharpness at -7 (max low).  Since I expose for the view out the windows, it makes bringing back the interior darks pretty tough, with a LOT of work in post using stacked color boards/filters.  As you mentioned, I too have noticed I need a tad bit more contrast added in post, but I'm struggling with the finite balance between some contrast and crushing the blacks and introducing weird color artifacts.

    As I've been delving into the science of it, I'm realizing it's all really just coming down to one simple issue...8-bit video.  I wish so much that Sony had at least offered a 10-bit RAW output, but they don't...even that comes in 8-bit. 

    As the BMPCC6k has come out, giving a super 35 sensor and EF native mount, I'm watching the footage closely to see if this is a good upgrade.  12-bit RAW or ProRes recording, and though advertised as only 13 stops of DR, one stop less than the Sony Alpha cams I'm using, I believe the data recovery in post is actually proving to give a total of about 15 CLEAN stops.  The price point on the 6k camera is fine, I just wish it didn't look & feel so damn....Fisher Price.

    Then there's the concept that I'm just being too picky, and I should stop upgrading and focus on making money.  Currently, I know of only one other RE media provider on island who's producing clean video with interior/exterior view showing, and he's using a BMPCC4k, as well as a C100 now and then, plus the shots that do show it I'm pretty certain are either composite or cinemagraph.  (I say that because the great interior view shots are almost invariably a static camera shot, no movement).

    All of that to bring me to this...I'd love your thoughts on the matter.  Do I just shut up and make some money for another year now that I know I'm squeezing most of the power I can out of the Sony cams, or do I bump up one more time, putting me at the forefront of tech in the area, and reducing my edit time? (because right now I have to use heaping helpings of Neat Video noise reduction, which takes for-eh-vurrrr, even on my fully loaded max spec iMac)

    I guess there's one more option...I could just get over it and join the composite crowd, using a programmable motorized slider with motorized mount.  


  8. 6 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    Another great video. 

    Again it’s hard to tell on my cell phone but it’s intereting how the yellow walls appear to have effected the color balance.  Were you on auto white balance?  

    It appears to have shifted a bit towards green.  

    You definitely caught it too...I've been LOVING the dynamic range and quality of the Sony cams.  However, I've noticed Sony log profile color doesn't seem to do well with red/yellow blends, or brown, which it converts to red every time.  Plus, that house was indeed super yellow, and the wood has a very faint red tint to it.  But for some reason, the log format oversaturates the reds terribly.

    I recently tried using HLG3 and while the DR wasn't quite as great, the noise was a little bit less and the color seemed much more true.  I'm working another dark, wood trim, yellow walled house video right now, and I shot a couple test shots in HLG3 with custom settings.  So far, those test shots look GREAT, so I may be adjusting my workflow.  We'll see.

  9. Here's a fun lil' project!  House was empty, so the realtor hired a professional stager / interior designer to round out the place.  Worth every penny, in my opinion.  There's a small kine ocean view from the living room, so I made sure to capture that.  But the next door home is almost inside this home, so I opted for blown windows in a couple bedroom scenes.  You can still see the next door home, but it's not like super vivid detail, keeping the eyes fixed on the room details, which are quite nice.

    The client saw value in spending a little extra $ for the addition of area lifestyle content, and I think they chose wisely.  This place is about a 2min walk from the beach, so it's smart to showcase that ocean living lifestyle.

    On another note, this was my first video project with the Hasselblad upgrade (swapped the zoom camera out for a pro...direct interchange).  There's always a learning curve with new toys, but overall, I can see night & day difference in quality and dynamic range.  However, I still keep the zoom camera in the bag for swapping in the field, because sometimes you just need that beautiful lens compression and parallax movement in a scene that can only be given via telephoto lens.

    Interior camera is a Sony a7riii.  Enjoy!


  10. 13 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

    Where do you get that from?  

    Their screen name is Surfer96714 (Kauai zip code) and their only post after joining the forum 2hrs ago is this one spewing drone hate. Sounds like someone got buzzed while surfing and has drone beef now. 

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  11. Actually, I KNOW it is!!!  I used to live on that street, in the house marked with a green arrow.  We used to run down to Burger Queen (they had the best halibut & chips), and worked on the south end at a big zipline tour outfit!  Fun fact:  From the street to our door there are 102 steps.  We counted them every. single. trip.  Also, those staircases that look like boardwalks are actually streets.  They have green street signs and show up on Google Maps as streets.  The iron ore in the bedrock makes road building very expensive, so they limited road construction.  Also, there are only 42mi of roads on the entire island!

    Love that town so much, always thinking about a return visit.  The rest of the places on your journey are not familiar to me, but they look gorgeous.  You do a great job of capturing the feeling of being there!


  12. 8 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    What!?  You live in paradise and you went on vacation!  

    Have I reminded you lately how much I $/&e you...  

    looks like a great trip.    I tried to get my to take a cruise to Hawaii (not that you would have been there) but we ended up going to Alaska.  












    Outstanding trip you took, bro!  Is that first shot taken in Ketchikan?

  13. This home was quite a challenge to shoot, for a few reasons.  It's an older home in an upscale neighborhood, tucked into a mostly obscured lot.  Aside from the backyard bliss, this home has an amazing ocean & outer island view.  From this house, you can see the west Maui mountains, Lana'i, and Kaho'olawe from every south facing room in the upper level.  Not too shabby!

    BUT (there's always a 'but')...the interior is quite dated, the kitchen needs at least some new appliances, and there aren't really any fancy bits to truly showcase with macro shots and whatnot.

    Post production brought its own challenges, especially reigning in the view from inside the house.  Praise be to the brilliantaires who invented 14-stop DR video cameras, adjustable video lights, and crazy complicated editing programs that maximize the data!!

    Enjoy and Mahalo for viewing :)



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