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  1. Fun lil town home project. Golf courses are so darned helpful for lifestyle and view work! Enjoy!!
  2. You chose wisely, Peter, and congrats on your achievement! 👏
  3. Seems to be a summer filled with challenges for us all...as this big fancy home had to be shot hand held because my Zhiyun Crane Plus decided to die that morning after about 10min of use outside. The spare gimbal was at home...on the other side of the island. 😳 So yea, a few wonky things I'd normally never allow in this video, but the client loves it, and I think it'll help sell the place. Enjoy!
  4. Nice work! This one gave me a very HGTV feel (except with better camera work), which was refreshing.
  5. Lovely use of your flying camera! These are great images, very nicely created.
  6. OMG THANK YOU!!! I cannot believe I did that...never happened before on a final cut. Fixed it, thank you! I did not take a shower. lol. I usually don't love doing the running water thing, but this place needed something to break the monotony of 'bedroom, bathroom, hallway, laundry, etc.' Thanks for the compliment, I very much appreciate it. This process is always a fun time, and I'm super stoked when someone understands that it's a story, not just a walkthrough
  7. Hazy days...they can be a real challenge sometimes, especially when it comes to showing the view out the windows. Even with the Sony a7r3's 14-stop dynamic range, this production took a good bit of work in post to squeeze the data as much as possible. I used a pair of Dracast LED lights to help out, and I think overall it was a good call, otherwise there would be a lot of contrast and noise. I could've used MORE lighting, but then I'd be dealing with harsh, unwanted shadows. I've been enjoying the challenge of using lighting and retaining a natural feel, or at least that's what I think I'm
  8. Thanks! I actually lived in this very neighborhood for a little while, but our unit did NOT have a pool or hot tub. lol
  9. And for a bonus, a couple ground shots I enjoyed from an evening stroll with the Mrs.
  10. Aloha UAV community, I just returned from a trip to Europe, where we rambled through a few countries, ending in the Swiss alps. Switzerland, as it turns out, is super drone friendly, and has a well developed, easy to understand set of rules for UAV operation. To satisfy the insurance part of their rules ($1M CHF liability for all operators, hobbyist or commercial), I found that my PPA coverage is global...so that's awesome! The trip itself was a whirlwind, and I was able to snag only one flight in this town, during fading light, so I made the most of it and had a go. Here are a co
  11. This is a nice image, thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forum! I especially enjoy the colors on the horizon, great job!
  12. I agree with everything pointed out here. I'll volunteer this as well....the FPS thing is great, but don't let that dictate your life. Too many people get hung up on using 60fps as a bandaid to their inability to maneuver a camera slow & steady. That's not to say that shooting 60fps isn't great, but really only when necessary, such as high speed panning, high speed action that you intend to slow down in post, etc. But for the normal just flying around, it's best to get a good set of ND filters and use a lower frame rate. You'll be pleased with the results.
  13. Aloha gang, I had the pleasure of filming a 1min video ad for a local clear bottom kayak company last week, thought I'd share. The entire shoot took less than 3hrs, including gear setup, waiting on models, signing releases, briefing cast & crew, all the way to packing up and heading to breakfast with friends afterward. I already had a relatively constructed timeline for the video mapped out before we showed up, but as you know, there's always some extra footy to grab in the moment, or a quick new concept to fold into the mix. Since this company is all about the see-through kaya
  14. Aloha and welcome to the forum! To get straight to it... Mavic 2 Pro will give you the best bang for the buck in terms of quality, portability, ease of deployment, and versatility. It travels well, the camera is a great 1" sensor Hasselblad, and you can most certainly aim the camera up and not see the rotors (they spread the arms wider on the Mavic 2 lineup). However, all this goodness most definitely comes at a cost...altitude and airspace restrictions that are increasingly proving to be inaccurate and over-stepping in application (i.e. abandoned air strips showing as NFZ's and
  15. Exactly what @Av8Chuck said. Steer clear of this type of mission, it's definitely not worth the risk overall. A legal hemp farm should be asking you about how you can help survey their own crop, not surveying others' crops. In some states, surveillance of private property with intent and without express permission over an unreasonable period of time can easily equate to a violation of privacy, which is trouble no one needs. For example...passing over a property while rolling video is one thing, but stopping to hang out, grab pics of the details and habits of the property and its inhabitant
  16. Mahalo to you both for the great compliments! A little positive reinforcement sure goes a long way, and it's much appreciated.
  17. That's great to hear! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts
  18. It's a valuable tool for sure. Dehaze has its function, as well as range masking and all the other tools in the program. There's a reason LR is an industry standard.
  19. Glad to help, @Alan Perlman! Hopefully someone will test this model in the mainland, and I bet it'll be a hit in the upscale market areas.
  20. Now and again, I do have to blend 2 frames. One strobed for the interior, one for the exterior. Here's one shot that way. I could've strobed it enough to get it in one shot, but then I'd lose a considerable amount of natural shading, and I don't like spending time in post adding shadows to fake it.
  21. Another single exposure interior, with a little bit of strobe work.
  22. Here's another twilight shot from the M2Z. Pardon the low IQ, had to size it down pretty hard to fit the website.