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  1. 1 minute ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Typically it's a three-shot blend.  The general procedure goes like this:

    1.  Ambient light, no flash shot ETTR (exposed to the right)

    2.  Flash shot ETTR - monolight for large rooms and speed light for everything else

    3.  Flash shot ETTR with gray card if I haven't shot that color room yet

    4.  Expose for view outdoors and blow out interior with flash for darken mode blending in PhotoShop

    If I need to get more flash elsewhere for weird shaped rooms, I have two speed lights that I can position wherever needed. 

    Nathan Cool does a much better job explaining how these shots are done on YouTube.  He's a Jedi at this type of photography.  

    Very interesting.  I'm surprised to see the gray card come back into play, but then again, that's kinda cool.  Haven't played with those in a while.

    It creates a clean look, and I think yours does a better job than most at not flattening the image and losing depth.  Most of the ambient blending work I've seen looks like a CAD rendering, which I personally find undesirable, but that's just me.  Good job, good work.

    I guess I'm still just old school, schlepping around strobes and working the piss outta my files. lol


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  2. 3 minutes ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    And another, although admittedly this shot is a bit too high:



    I don't think it's too high.  Had the camera been lower, that big scraggly tree would've blocked off the garage entirely. 

    I think you're spot on with making sure to get stills down low, but try to find exceptions to your own rule and see how you surprise yourself :)

    Thanks for sharing and jumping into this thread too!

  3. Aloha everyone!  

    I made this thread in an attempt to promote sharing still photography related to real estate & architecture.  While the obvious desire is to see some of those mad aerial skills, feel free to bam it with ground & interior images you'd like to showcase.

    So, in a nutshell, have a sweet property pic to share?  Want some advice on a photo edit?  Just wanna feel good about nailing a shot?  Then this is the place to share it!  I'll kick off the party with a few of my own. 

    MODS:  Could this one be pinned to the top with the video thread?



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  4. 22 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    You know, you should offer a class on shooting real estate.  

    Initially, I thought you were joking, because to me, I'm still learning and who am I to teach others?  But then, I thought maybe you were being sincere, and I want to make sure to appreciate that as well.

    The thought has crossed my mind, but the only problem is that I don't know how to keep from inadvertently training my local competition in the process.  One thing I've been doing from time to time is screen recording some of my photo editing process.  I haven't done that with video yet, and I haven't even shared any of the vids with anyone, nor have I organized them any further than being in a folder named 'Edit Screen Recordings'.  My progress & commitment to it are laughable at best, in my mind. lol

    I'm genuinely complimented by the thought, so thank you!

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  5. And one more for today. I was much more prepared for this shoot. Ha! 

    This particular neighborhood currently has several units listed, a few of which I shot, using upbeat music, speed ramps and quick jump cuts. Of course, I'm seeing more and more competitors use similar techniques, so I chose to shoot this one with a slow and steady theme. Hopefully it'll stand apart from the others, and remind the client that quick and flashy is a style, not a standard. 



  6. When booking this shoot, the client tells me the place will likely be pretty messy, as there's a family of 7 living in the home.  Together, we agreed that this would be photos only, no video, no 3D.

    I show up to the shoot with only my photo kit...no gimbal, slider, 3D cam, video lights, etc.  The residents are in their car leaving, and as we entered the house, SURPRISE!  The place looked awesome. Oh crap. 

    So, whatevs, I made a video anyhow. All the ground footy is hand held, stabilized a bit in post to help.  No additional lighting, just some creative post editing and awesome DR from shooting log profile.  I did what I could, check it out! 


  7. 2 minutes ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Thanks!  This particular client likes more upbeat music for their videos, so they have been pushing me out of my comfort zone lately (which is always a good thing).  No big deal though - SoundStripe is paying for itself!  

    I didn't use the Godox 200 for this shoot.  The light was mostly a Falconeyes RX-18TD and occasionally an Aupture AL-M9.  I'm still searching for a really bright bicolor LED panel since the Godox is only 5600k.  

    Have a look at Dracast.  Their products are not cheap, but they're fabulous.  I use a pair of bi-color 1000 LED lamps.  Can adjust color temp and brightness.  Seems to work out pretty well so far, although I've been thinking of picking up a third Dracast light, maybe one of the adjustable angle split panel units to help with super large spaces where the light seems to disappear into nothingness. lol


  8. 7 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    This property was a bit tricky due to the trees, but the Mavic 2 excels in tight quarters.  

    Editing tip:  I shoot with the Mavic in h.265 DLOG with sharpness at +1, contrast and saturation at -1.  I then use the DJI LUT to pull the colors out in post.  This works extremely well about 95% of the time.  


    Great job working in not only a tight property, but tight interior space as well!  I normally don't enjoy jarring transitions, but this time it really worked well for moving between outdoor & indoor.  Love the music too, kept it vibing.  

    Is that light from the new one you picked up (200w)?

  9. 5 hours ago, Mark Allen said:

    Well I gotta ask.. what’s the use case for this? Haven’t done a lot of operations in the rain (some inspections and flood response videos) but every single time we ended up with rain on the camera lens and ruining the shots. Every so often the wind or movement would clear the lens.. but for the most part we’d have to land and clean the camera. There would definitely be times I could see this as helpful... so how are y’all ( JBR specifically... love your stuff) getting around this issue. Thanks in advance. 

    Good question Mark!

    For me, the use case was very specific - I needed to drop a survey ribbon near a pin location over 2,000ft away from the launch / control point, and the property was in a rainforest.  I knew going out to Nahiku meant downpours were 99% likely, so the wetsuit seemed a good fit.

    It worked great, I sent the P4 to the pin loc 2 times in pouring rain, dropped two 60ft long ribbons with rocks tied to them (using Gannet drone fishing release system), and the property owner found the pin the next day on foot, which required a lot of bushwhacking lol.

    Water on the lens was definitely the tough part.  I needed to be able to see below where the ribbon was dropped and take a pic.  I found that keeping the lens angled around 45* down did pretty well.  Also, a little rainX on the lens filter / cover helps too, but you gotta make sure you buff it out enough before you send it, or your photos will be super hazy.

    Unfortunately, there were no photos with absolutely zero water spots, but most were surprisingly decent.  

    I haven't had too many more rain missions since then, but when I have another, I'll be using this lens hood to help keep the water at bay.


  10. On 6/15/2019 at 5:11 AM, Av8Chuck said:

    I’m guessing it’s a reasonably busy airport but a small community of operators who ask for permission to fly.  Once people in the tower get to know you they’re generally nice about giving permission.  

    Curious, did the requirement to call the tower come with the waiver?  

    You nailed it.  Reasonably busy, enough that a new large parking structure was erected, with a tram, and there's a plan to extend the runways for international flights, but you know...Maui time, so could be like a decade or more from now.  Small group of operators who actually request airspace, but there are enough sky pirates around sending up drones in this very area with no regard to the airport being right there.  It's nuts.  The tower manager was beside himself delighted that I phoned in so we could actually coordinate.  But there was no requirement to phone in beforehand on the waiver.

  11. 11 hours ago, Dave Pitman said:

    My friend, I absolutely see the problem and you have no idea the lobbying I,  @Av8Chuck , and a few others have done directly with Brendan Schulman on this issue in another venue over 2 years.  I'm simply trying to help you out. Regarding getting in touch with DJI, you can get a custom unlock for the period of your WAA.  So, for example, if your COA is good until Sept. 2019, then DJI will give you an unlock for all of your registered craft for that same period.  When you renew your COA, renew your DJI unlock and you're good for another year.

    Much appreciated, Dave, I'll try this.  Seems to be the closest thing to solution for now.

  12. 5 hours ago, Dave Pitman said:

    Yes, I think I understood you correctly.  You do understand that the FAA system has nothing to do with the DJI system.  Just because you get a LAANC authorization, that has no effect on DJI's GEO restrictions.  If you look at DJI's GEO map, you will see the restriction they have in place.  

    I'm saying, if you contact DJI, and present a copy of your LAANC clearance a couple of days in advance, they can provide you a custom unlock of their GEO restriction that is saved to your craft and that limit should be removed. 




    Yes, I know that DJI geo has nothing to do with LAANC.  That's exactly the problem.

    I've flown this area we're discussing countless times, zooming up the steep hill, flying back down, on different DJI birds without this ever popping up.  A week ago was the first time for this zone.  Both birds are current on updates, and yet the P4 still does NOT give me this hassle.

    As for unlocking ahead of time, that doesn't work here always.  Often times this area is socked in with clouds and rain, so it's a case of 'if the clouds are out and you have time, run out there and fly the mission'.  THIS is why DJI's micromanagement of airspace is a problem.  It would be best if we could submit a 107 cert verification, and they just unlock the zone, leaving us to deal with airspace auth on our own.  107 pilots are not the problem in the illegal airspace operation world.

    Here's another case...about a week before the debacle mentioned above, I was in a Sfc E 100ft grid.  Craft absolutely would NOT liftoff, designated NFZ by DJI only.  I hold WAA for this area, and regardless of that, the airport defaults to G space from 6pm until sunrise.  So, what if I'm just trying to fly during G class hours, and the aircraft cannot even start because of DJI's fencing?  See the problem here?


  13. 15 hours ago, Kkilf said:

    Thank you for sharing your video. It was great! I am just starting to do drone video for realtors.

    Aloha and welcome to the group!  There's a wealth of experience and knowledge in this group, so stick around and you'll learn a few things from everyone here.

    Congrats on your real estate aerial video journey.  This is the place to share if you're looking for constructive feedback, or just wanna show off some work.   

    Looking forward to seeing some of your vids!

  14. 7 hours ago, Dave Pitman said:

    So you received a custom unlock but are limited to 400' above takeoff point?

    No custom unlock at all, just a straight forward LAANC authorized 400ft grid on the outer edge of the airspace, indicated by the blue outline in the photo below.  Note the super steep cliffs in the far edge of the actual LAANC grid.  The land below, with houses on it, is also super steep terrain.



    After obtaining LAANC authorization, I fired up the M2Z only to find this altitude limit of 495ft in place, as indicated by the yellow warning in the top of the screen.  Check the pics below to see.



  15. 50 minutes ago, Dave Pitman said:

    You can pretty easily get any zone unlocked by (over-reaching) DJI through their custom unlocking process.  You may however, still have issue with using alternate control apps.



    I think you're missing my point. I can fly there, but if I were to be inspecting tall buildings, or simply fly up the hillside, I'd hit a ceiling. Especially the hillside ascent... This would pose a problem, as the drone would still be under 400ft AGL, but DJI's over reach would stop me from elevating accordingly.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Nice!  I've been trying various tracking plugins to to TV and fire replacements, but am still struggling to find one that works consistently.  I suppose I should buckle down like you and just keyframe it.

    Keyframes always sound scarier than they really are.  In the end, once you get a good workflow down, it's not a bid deal.

    Personally, I don't like putting images on screens because it detracts from the view.  BUT, I realize I'm shooting places that fairly consistently have epic views out the windows.  Maybe if there's a movie theater, then I'll add something to the screen, but usually I keep it to the visual appeal of the structure and environment.

    Fireplace fire is fun.  I have a fire plugin, I'll send you a link via email.