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  1. 1 hour ago, davedoc said:

    The squares that I see delineating max altitude ARE pretty big which can allow for pretty big terrain differences. I don't see this so much as a DJI problem and more of a FAA/LAANC issue.

    Except for the part where it's specifically a DJI applied restriction to the aircraft, whereas other manufacturers don't bother with micromanaging pilots.  The notice popped up within the DJI Go app...NFZ altitude restriction, Max height 495ft.  Like I said before, you could literally burn off 300' from terrain elevation within the grid I was flying (400' grid).  Has absolutely nothing to do with LAANC system at all.


  2. 4 hours ago, Coal Akida said:

    We did switch to a stronger 3M adhesive ,  let me know your order name or email and or the date you purchased.

    Maybe you can email me at phantomwetsuits@gmail.com

    Our phantom 4 pro has just passed over 100 flights in the pouring rain with the Wet Suit. 

    But there were times when we had to tack it down again , but we would not use cement just a light spray was needed on the leg covers.



    Thanks, sending you a PM 

  3. Aloha gang! 

    Just a little heads up to be on the watch for unannounced updated NFZ parameters. I was recently locked out of a zone I've flown countless times under WAA.  Echo airspace, 100ft LAANC grid, no take off from DJI.

    More recently, in local Charlie airspace, given a notice of an altitude cap just over 400ft. White in flat land this would be fine, but where I am, you can exceed that by just flying up the mountain side a few feet.

    So tired of DJI's airspace management over reach.


  4. I'll be honest with ya, I bought and installed one for my P4, and while it did its job, the overall fit and finish leaves much to be desired. The adhesive is constantly allowing the neoprene to peel away, and the pieces didn't really fit that well  without some stretching and a little rubber cement to hold in place.

    I like the product and its functionality, but I would not purchase another until you've convinced me these issues have been addressed. Not trying to tear down, just giving real world feedback 


  5. On 6/11/2019 at 11:41 AM, Av8Chuck said:

    That’s a beautiful area.  Johnson City was a nice college town.  

    So, you grew up there and you now live in Maui. Have I mentioned lately how much I Hate you!!  

    You know I’m an old jealous, bitter guy and I’m just kidding. 

    I know buddy, and I'm gonna just drive that thorn a little deeper in the spirit of love!  This is a photo of the lake I grew up on, Norris Lake, an impoundment of the Powell & Clinch rivers.  The lake has around 800mi of shoreline.  To put that into perspective, the state of California has 840mi of coastline.  Shot this on a P4 classic, flown from one of the little floating houses outside the marina.




  6. And here's a jewel of a property, located in Haiku.  This place is only about 2.5 acres, but there's a ton packed into it.  A main home, a cottage, a detached office, pickleball court, pool, waterslide, waterfall feature, jumping rock, swing hanging from a beautiful banyan tree, giant sized chess court, orchard, and more.  It was a challenge to pack it all into a minute, but it worked out.  Enjoy!


  7. On 6/7/2019 at 8:07 PM, Av8Chuck said:

    we went to check out this factory to manufacture drones.  I shot it as we walked through.

    So enjoyable, thank you for shooting and sharing this!  You were near my old stompin' grounds (I grew up about an hour from Johnson City).  Borla exhaust systems were the tits when I was into cars.  Loved seeing the mandrel benders at work, along with the other parts of the factory.

  8. On 5/28/2019 at 1:11 PM, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Another one as real estate season gets into full swing here in Cheyenne.  The drone footage is all Mavic 2 Pro.  There's a story currently going around the interwebz about disabling the GPS on the M2P for "buttery smooth shots" as the proponent author calls them.  However I've been extremely impressed with some of the Mavic 2 Pro's GPS-enabled flight modes like point of interest.  I see no reason why disabling the M2P's GPS would be necessary or even smart.  The object tracking especially is very accurate and allows some of the more complex shots you see like the corkscrew coming around the back of the house. 

    The house itself was a challenge to shoot.  It has been empty for a while and hasn't been maintained or cleaned well.  Sunflares and sunrays added in post are great at covering up dirty windows though!  The gas to the fireplace was also off, so I added the fire in post.  And I didn't want to mess with the home theater, so the glare from the projector was also added VFX.  

    Anyway, this was a fun project to put together:


    Beautifully composed, colors all looked good, and that new Sony cam is very much paying off.  Great work!

  9. Aloha Franklin, and everyone else in the thread,

    I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, so take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I thought sharing the concept of our pricing structure might help.

    First thing:  I charge for photos by 1,000sqft brackets, and video is priced according to time duration.  Add-ons include aerial photos, aerial video content, lifestyle content that cannot be shot from the property, sunset session. 

    Second thing:  All media is strictly licensed for use by the realtor only, unless licensed to the brokerage (sometimes the brokerage is very small, and pays for the agents' media).  Media use is restricted to advertisements for the sale of the property, and for the realtor to use as continued ad content to further their biz efforts.  Brokerage can use to advertise for the sale of the property only, and for the duration of the listing only.

    Ok, so here are the numbers, which should make a little more sense :)

    Photo Options:

    MLS Listing Photo Set (Interior/Exterior ground shots)  $400 up to 1,000sqft. + $100 per additional 1,000sqft. (Up to 4,000sqft...if over that size, custom pricing kicks in).

    Aerial Photo Set  $350

    Video Options:

    Full Feature Cinematic Lifestyle (up to 3min max)   $1,800 (includes aerial footage where applicable)

    Social Media Cinematic Highlight (1min max)   $1,000 (includes aerial footage where applicable)

    Add-On Options:

    Sunset through Twilight Session $250

    Off-property Lifestyle Content $250


    Again, I work in a ridiculously inflated market, where the median home mortgage is over $800k, so these numbers might look silly to some of you.  But the basic structure seems to work decently for me.  If you have any questions, hit me up!


    Mahalo for your time!

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  10. On 4/28/2019 at 4:48 AM, Av8Chuck said:
       On 4/18/2019 at 7:40 PM,  JBR LIFE Photography said: 

    I've been kicking around the idea of stepping up to a full on cinema cam that shoots 14-bit RAW and 10-bit codec just to try getting a little more dynamic range for these darker homes.  Only problem is I just don't see the return on the investment, at least not just yet.  So for now, I'll just keep banging on these Sony A7 cams I have to rock on. lol

    @JBR LIFE Photography which lenses are you using with your A7?  Remember, the A7RIII is a full frame camera that shoots great 4K video and 43MP stills.  I think the resolution in this camera outweighs the difference in dynamic range.  


    You bring up a solid point here, and by no means would I retire the A7R3 or the A73 from video altogether.  I'd only use the 4k cinema cam (BMPCC) for the toughest interior spaces, where lighting is eaten up by dark wood tones and I need to show the view.  Having a true 15-stop DR video camera would be outstanding in these scenarios.  I've found the 'end' of the Sony cams' ability to show inside vs outside in video, and it's truly an impressive 'end'.  Like you said, for stills, you just can't beat either Sony A7 model...amazing quality, amazing DR.


    On 4/28/2019 at 4:48 AM, Av8Chuck said:


    @JBR LIFE Photography remember this conversation from about a year ago?  I don’t think you had started using the A7 yet.  I know the economics haven’t changed but Imagine getting aerial with that camera!  It will rock your world.  We’re flying the A7 with the Sony G240mm lens.  It’s amazing...

    I'd LOVE to fly one of these Sony cams!  Would you be interested in pointing me toward the right direction for a solid platform that's functional without the cost of a major hassle every flight?

  11. And another luxury townhome to add to the collection.  This one is short-term rentable, which is what most people do with them.  In fact, I'm not sure anyone actually lives in these full time, because most who could afford that would just get a house and skip the resort fees altogether.

    The challenge for this one, as always with condos & townhomes, is showcasing the view from inside.  Everything about this place is the view, the view, the view.  The Sony cam and a decent set of lights came in to save the day once again!  



  12. 6 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    Another bare commercial lot video.  These are very difficult for me from a storytelling aspect, so I'm largely relying on the client to provide the verbiage that will keep viewers engaged for 60 seconds.  Upbeat music, speed ramps, and whip transitions help, but overall these types of videos are a big challenge.

    I used the Mavic 2 Pro for this shoot with an ND16 filter that I don't think was enough.  After not getting the sharpness I would have liked for this video, I immediately ran out and bought an ND32 and ND64 set.  

    For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, there is an aperture sweet spot for maximum sharpness for the Mavic 2 Pro's camera that is between f2.8 and f4.  PolarPro did a good analysis of the Mavic 2 Pro's optimal f-stop settings at this link.


    Nice work as usual!  I really enjoyed the arrow overlays, nice use of a modern technique without totally over-doing it.  

    I hadn't really though much about that aperture sweet spot, but it makes sense, since it applies to all lenses I've ever used.  Interestingly, on most lenses it's somewhere between f/4.0 and f/8.  For all the Canon glass I used, it was pretty religiously at f/5.6.

    Since I'm using the M2Z, I have no aperture control, so I never consider it much.  Do you ever use post sharpening?

  13. 6 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    As soon as I can find one, I'll be picking up a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to add to the camera bag. Its dynamic range is extremely impressive and I already have more than half a dozen MFT lenses.  

    If I had the glass to fit it already, I'd definitely jump on it.  The one drawback I do see is no continuous focus tracking, but then again, not a deal breaker, especially for the price point.  Let us know how it works out!

  14. On 4/20/2019 at 7:02 AM, Av8Chuck said:

    Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about sharing work in this thread is to see how everyone has progressed.  When I started that thread @JBR LIFE Photography Was kind enough to compliment some of my work, I occasionally get the opportunity to shoot for friends, (I don’t produce real estate media for a living) which is a very different thing than those that do this under the constraints of making a living.  

    When we all get to witness the improvement of @JBR LIFE Photography, who is doing this for a living in a competitive market we can all take a little pride in his work (because I tought him everything he knows...) it really is community we can all share in.  

    There have been a lot of great contributions to the property videos thread.

    Haha, yup.  Everything Chuck just said here.  :)



  15. 2 hours ago, Talon Six Aerial said:

    That's my favorite one yet Jon!  Nice work on getting a good balanced exposure between the interiors and exteriors when you're showcasing those views (wow!  those views!).

    I also really like the night shots with the place all lit up.  Superb work!

    Are you using a preset for the opening title or is that something you made in Motion?

    Thanks friend!  The lighting was the biggest challenge with this place.  It's like the more expensive and extravagant the home, the darker and tougher it is to light.  I used a pair of DRACAST 1000 LED lamps for this shoot.  That extra boost coupled with a custom log profile helped bring balance in the exposure.

    I've been kicking around the idea of stepping up to a full on cinema cam that shoots 14-bit RAW and 10-bit codec just to try getting a little more dynamic range for these darker homes.  Only problem is I just don't see the return on the investment, at least not just yet.  So for now, I'll just keep banging on these Sony A7 cams I have to rock on. lol

    Sunset through twilight and into dark makes for some of the most dramatic scenery in many of these luxury homes.  Every home could benefit from this time frame, even a condo in a crowded city, but most projects don't have the budget to afford that premium time slot (because if I'm not shooting a home or some portraits, I'm watching the sunset and enjoying it, which is worth a lot of money to me). 

    The opening / closing title is a somewhat customizable preset I got from PixelFilmStudios.  I dig their stuff, and it's worth me paying a few bucks for a bundle of them, instead of farting around in Motion, finding that I need to spend hours on YouTube to learn how to make something.  I need to schedule some learning time in the near future, because I have ideas on how to modify these presets in order to turn them into other presets.