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  1. After what seemed like forever, working the puzzle of weather, availability, cleaning, etc, I've finally been able to wrap this piece for a 9,000+ square foot oceanfront home, listed at just under $30M. Enjoy!
  2. Well done, you made for a very interesting exterior-only presentation! I love the CrumplePop tracking you used, definitely going to look into it for FCPX. I've been using another platform that works most of the time, but sometimes (the most important times it seems) it totally fails. I'm with Chuck...it's annoying to have to jump through DJI's hoops to accomplish what the governing airspace body has already approved. Glad it worked out for you, and let's always hope for the best in that area. Thanks for sharing, nice vid overall!
  3. Aloha Vincent, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I can see how one would imagine that I'm running some sort of big operation here, but the reality is that I'm not. My wife helps with a few admin parts of the biz, but outside of that, I too am a one man show. I've tried hiring folks, but the reality is that I'm just too darned picky, and I never could train someone how to see what I see. I don't spend hours on end combing the internet for illegally used images. Sure, it comes up now and again on one of our social media channels, or I'll see an MLS listing with a stol
  4. A $5.5M luxury condo in Wailea is one helluva place to call an office. All about the view, which we all know is tricky. As per the standard as of late, dark wood trim to eat up the light. Enjoy!
  5. Nice work! Very smooth, good use of slow & steady, kept me engaged, and gave a good sense of the property. If I could offer one nitpick, it would be to keep the ceiling fan status consistent. If one fan is on, turn them all on, and vice versa. Personally, I prefer fans to be on and as slow as they'll go. But I do have one client who very much dislikes moving fans in video, so I make an exception for her...because it's her money and whatnot. Regardless, great job, let's see more soon!! 🎬🎥🏠💰
  6. Yessss!!! I bought one of these for my old P4, love it. Use it for survey & SAR work now and again, works like a charm.
  7. Mahalo for taking the time to view! It's true, these all had to be the same because they're vacation rental townhomes. You know the drill...one size fits most. lol At least the interiors vary in stylized design, as each unit is individually owned. This one in particular had a pretty nice upgrade, you can see in the video below.
  8. Aloha All! Thought I'd share a recent frame from a video I shot with the Mavic 2 Zoom. This little bird continually surprises me with it's capabilities. Sure, there are way better quality platforms out there, but I'm having a great time pushing this little camera to it's limits. The first frame is straight out of camera. I shoot in 4k, using custom settings to emulate a logarithmic profile, since DJI omitted true log profiles from this system. The second frame is fully graded via FCPX, using a series of layers to control color and tones, including masking tools / tracking.
  9. Aloha everyone, I thought I'd write a little bit this morning about media licensing. I've been realizing lately, there are many real estate media providers out there who shoot the images or video, work their magic in post production, and turn the media over without any licensing restrictions at all. The practice has become so common, that now many realtors don't even know that licensing exists, much less how it works. So, what is media licensing and how does it work? Basically, it's this: According to U.S. copyright law, photographic media (including video) is owned by the
  10. I offer two versions of video...1min or full feature (up to 3min). Each realtor has their own way of listing properties, and some love the longer vids, some love the short preview style. With this home, I encouraged the realtor to go with a full video, but she insisted that it was such a small home compared to most that she sells, 1min should be just right. Yep, you read that correctly. She called a 3500sqft home 'small'. Capture time is actually almost the same. Still need to set up the rooms, lights, get the details, etc. Plus, I always capture enough for a full feature vi
  11. Aloha all! I recently had the pleasure of filming a $21M home on Maui, with the challenge of squeezing most of the goodies into a single minute. Admittedly, this was a tough one. The interior space is rather dark, so I needed a bit of lighting to help out. The property itself is heavily guarded by trees on the ocean side, making it tough to actually see. Additionally, there are so many special features of this home, a minute isn't nearly enough to showcase them all, so selecting the best of the best was a chore. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the outcome, and the client is most
  12. Aloha pilot ohana! I thought it might be fun to show a little bit of interior photo work from the weekend. These are all single exposures, lit by a combination of Speedlites. Enjoy!
  13. Bonus: A shot from inside showing the view. This image was not shot with a drone, but rather a Sony a7r3. It's a single exposure using a handful of radio strobes scattered about.
  14. Aloha friends, Tonight I'm sharing a recent work project photo, shot for a luxury home listing on the island (Maui). This home was listed at $7.5M and I was delighted to provide the entire photo & video media kit. I've been enjoying the M2Z telephoto feature to help create a shallow depth of field via lens compression. The compression @ 48mm seems to help stretch the background, making mountains feel tall, rather than squashed flat. I keep pushing this little camera for all it's worth, and it keeps surprising me along the way as I discover limits. Mahalo for viewing, feel
  15. Anyone here ever hear of the Pe'ahi Challenge? Today's video is not from the WSL event itself, but from another day of swells for fun. These waves maxed out around 25ft or so, which is a medium sized day at this break. Waves have been known to reach heights over 60+ft, and these crazy mo-fos ride these mountains, like the bad-a$$ MF's they are. I was delighted to have a clear sky, no helicopters, and only one other UAV buzzing around. From what I hear from my friends in the boats (photographer boats), the other drone kissed the water later on, after I left. Gotta love the M2Z for getting
  16. I recently wrapped up another luxury property video, a place on the north side of the island. Windward Maui is a tough cookie...either it's so windy the drone is dancing all over the sky, or the sky is calm, cloudy and threatening rain. There's only a small window of time each day to capture a fairly nice sky and keep the drone stable for smooth video...and that window of time varies daily. On this day, however, we got extremely lucky. Beautiful clear skies, barely any wind of which to speak, all day long through sunset! The house itself is kinda odd, the designer being a steel
  17. @Luke This is cool, I dig it! I had totally forgotten that there are places in the world where being only a minute or two from the highway is cool. lol I like the extra details you included, and the music wasn't overbearing. Nice work!
  18. Actually, @Av8Chuck, I had a tricky time leading through this property to make it flow. The layout of the house is such that it's not really the easiest to create a walk-through. In fact, I found myself actually walking all over the place, discovering more rooms here and there. lol Thanks for the compliments and the feedback, that's one of the main reasons I post this stuff here -to grow and learn. Have you booked your flight here yet for 2019??
  19. Just wrapped this one tonight, thought I'd share. I usually keep the videos under the 3min mark, but the client wanted a longer video, and this home lent well to it. So much goodness packed into 3500+ sq.ft., it would be tough to keep it under 3min anyhow! For this project, I used a good bit of lighting on the interior view shots, as the dark wood trim just ate up all the available natural light. The home is beautiful, but definitely kinda dark by design. Color grading was quite an undertaking as well, trying to squeeze all the available data for everything I could. This one is b
  20. I did NOT get to drink that coffee, can you believe it?! They just grabbed the cup, tossed it into the sink like it was yesterday's trash! #richpeopleproblems Yes, I recall that article about Mr. Lik. He's not necessarily loved amongst most photography circles, although I'm guessing there's a bit of hater-ade some folks tend to drink out of jealousy now and again. But to each his own, I suppose. I've met folks who don't think our complimentary beach photo sessions are a great way to do biz, but it works for us. Thanks for all the support and feedback about the videos. I kee
  21. What does a $6M Maui beachfront home look like? Step inside and have a look!
  22. Well, how was the gallery experience? I see you already started with your own gallery image of that area!
  23. Np, glad you like the edit! If you have any questions, hit me up and I'll gladly assist. Enjoy delving into the catalog!