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  1. Aloha peeps! We often talk about including interior and ground level photography with our exterior drone work, as a way to round out our real estate media biz models. Today, I thought I'd share a few examples of what I produce for my clients. This home is going to be listed for somewhere around the $3M mark, and for good reason. The area where it's located is sparsely populated, and by sparsely, I mean like barely anyone or anything around, other than cows, goats & sheep. There's a small winery, general store, and post office nearby and that's it. Privacy on an island is quite valuable, as anyone could imagine. Shooting interiors to showcase a view is all about realism. Whether you use lighting or HDR techniques, the main thing is to make it feel as real as you can, so the viewer gets the sense of actually being there. Personally, I prefer to use lighting, but occasionally there just aren't enough lights in the world, so an HDR shot is in order. Even then, I'll incorporate lighting to help with the realism part. The interior shots in this post were done using a combination of radio triggered speed lights, sometimes with a shoot-thru umbrella. I used a Sony A7R III + 16-35mm G Master glass. Each frame is a single exposure, worked in Lightroom, no HDR work here. Mahalo for viewing, and enjoy!
  2. @Av8Chuck - You might like this place...new construction, located at the top of Wailea.
  3. Nothin' too fancy about this property, not even a structure. Just a buncha coffee trees. I find these types of shoots fun & challenging to make appealing to the viewer. Enjoy!
  4. I tried to find a reason to keep the birds in the vid, but in the end, I decided they didn't really lend anything toward showcasing the home or neighborhood. Maybe if they weren't a bunch of pigeons, I would've kept 'em. lol This home is $1.175M
  5. Some people fly, some people float. Just over a mile off shore, this behemoth was parked for a spell, as the tourist passengers tendered back and forth, to and from Lahaina town. This day in particular had all the right elements, such as sunshine, clouds, flat water, little to no wind, working together to make a beautiful scene. Captured with the little M2Z. Enjoy & Mahalo for viewing!
  6. What does one do with 25 telephoto images? Construct a 108 megapixel pano, of course! Shot manually on the Mavic 2 Zoom. Be sure to click for full screen view, and enjoy!
  7. Aloha and welcome to the group! I'm not sure what editing program you're using, but if you have the ability to work in proxies, it'll help with the computer resource consumption. Looking forward to seeing your creations!
  8. I didn't realize they'd be something anyone would actually want, besides myself
  9. Yup, exactly as @Dave Pitman says, it's a lume cube. We're about to place an order for a new batch of bottles, which I'll post up soon!
  10. Loving the ability of the Mavic 2 Zoom to track objects in motion! Had this fly-by while working a property the other day. Saw the flock in the sky with my own eyes, headed toward the little M2Z, so I spotted them in the finder and gave it my best whack. I might have a new hobby in the midst of this career / hobby...
  11. Mahalo! The top bold title is Avenir Heavy, the lower is Helvetica Regular.
  12. For a cool $1.6M, you can pick up a Wailea condo, across the street from one of the best beaches on the island. If one of y'all would buy this thing, then we'd be just a few blocks from each other. ( @Av8Chuck...hintidy hint hint...) Everything about this particular condo is the scenery. Excluding the bathrooms, every room in the place has an ocean view, which must be showcased as much and often as possible. Even though I use a camera with just ~15 stops of dynamic range, lighting is still the answer, and did exactly what I needed for this project. The lights I used on this are simple 300 LED dimmable, 5600k lights. Nothing fancy, and they got the job done in this scenario. Since this project, I've upgraded to a much more professional portable LED light set (Dracast LED 1000 PRO Bi-color), and I'm excited to see how they perform. I'll be sure to post up the results once I get to use them!
  13. Aloha aerial ohana, Most people who visit Maui will spend their nights on either the south side or west side of the island. A few will bunk on the north shore, some will rent a vacation space upcountry (on the side of the volcano), and a very small number of visitors will spend their Maui vacation on the east side of the island, in Hana town. No matter where people reside during their stay, they inevitably venture out to the 'other side' of the island, and will likely pass through the small community of Olowalu. By road, it's an unforgettable pass-through, with giant monkey pod trees on either side of the highway forming a canopy overhead. Driving through feels like you've been transported to a magical forest. Others will end up in Olowalu by booking various snorkeling and kayaking tours, as it's also home of a 'mother reef'...huge, sprawling out for miles. However, aside from the pretty parts, Olowalu is rich with cultural and trade history. In the Hawaiian culture, Olowalu served as a place of sanctuary for people on the lam for an offense against a family or royalty. Once inside the boundaries of Olowalu, all fighting was off, and violating this sanctuary was punishable by death. Additionally, Olowalu served as a large agricultural area, known for dry-land taro, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, and other crops raised for material goods such as clothing, shelter, etc. Later, as sugar farming became a huge industry here, there was a sugar operation in Olowalu. The small community also served as a trade port from time to time, where western sailors would come to barter & swap goods. Hawaiians loved the opportunity to acquire things that were completely unavailable to them, such as nails, since there was no smelting technology here. There was even once a historic massacre that took place in Olowalu, the result of a dispute between Captain Simon Metcalfe and the local islanders over theft of a boat that had been scrapped for materials. If you spend some time exploring around the area, you're sure to find something fabulous - petroglyphs on lava rocks, abundant reef dwelling sea life, local fruit stands, and some of the best pulled pork around. Next time you're on Maui, make sure to spend a minute or two in Olowalu! Today's aerial image was shot from just outside of this community, as I waited for the jammed up traffic to clear. The gently sloped, forested stretch of land that creates a point into the ocean (middle of the frame) is the location of Olowalu. You can see the highway disappear into the trees. In the distant background, you'll find Haleakalā, a 10,000+ft sleeping volcano, towering over the valley between itself and the west mountains. The image is a 19 shot pano, manually shot @ 48mm (full zoom) on the M2Z. Be sure to click the thumbnail to see the full-screen view. Enjoy!
  14. Aloha from Maui everyone! Today I'm sharing a video of a fairly simple property, located in Pukalani ('pooh-kuh-lah-nee) town. There's no fancy tub, no pool, no ocean or mountain views...just an average home, a small cottage, and a few fruit trees, nestled in the heart of one of the best little towns on the island. People here are all about community, respect, appreciation and generally living full and happy lives. There's not any of that 'look how much I spent on my doorknobs' stuff that comes with other communities. Most would prefer to grow tomatoes and papayas for themselves, than to dine in the fancy restaurants, eating food from another island or country. Honest hard working folk live here, with wholesome values and strong family heritages. As professionals in our industry, it's up to us to go the extra mile to showcase a property for ALL that it brings to the table. When given a simple property, it's easy to give a simple approach...wide shots of the rooms, maybe a nice cabinet or vanity, slap a few aerials on and done. But what if we dig a little deeper? What if we spend an extra half hour experiencing the space, without a camera in our hands? Do you take time to sit on the lanai (y'all know 'em as 'porches') and listen to the birds, or the sounds of the town around you? Do you spend some energy imagining that you live there, and wondering what you'd find to appreciate about the place? What about the town around the home...do you spend some time finding treasures there to include in the video? I realize every home isn't located in a great little town or village, and that every home doesn't have fruit trees or flowers. The point I'm trying to convey is to slow it down just a little, and train yourself to find magic in every shoot. That's when your product becomes a little more refined, a little more engaging, and you'll begin to notice that you can command a little more pay for your work. Anyhow, enough of my musing, here's the vid. Enjoy!
  15. Aloha fellow pilots, We've had a pretty surprising amount of rain over the past month, which certainly did its share of damage. But not all was bad, as what is typically a brown and yellow grassy coastal desert is currently a lush green wonderland! The water is a beautiful blue with a bit of green in the shallows, and the weather is 85° and sunny. This time of year is 'chill mode' for most, while we enjoy a slight dip in tourism, which means less crowded beaches, snorkel/surf spots, and of course, most importantly, less crowded schedules. I've been taking advantage of the free time to play with the new drone, using the telephoto zoom feature to create high detail wide photos. These are some favorites from the weekend. Enjoy the view!
  16. That was enjoyable, thank you for sharing. And like @Av8Chuck said, keep 'em comin'!
  17. Big Mahalo to all three of you, for the compliments and encouragement, and for the time you spent viewing. I'm beyond grateful to live in such a lovely paradise, more than happy to share my visual interpretations of it!
  18. I've never seen this vid before, but I'm confident the pilot has his aerial stock car track method down (circle, circle, circle, circle)
  19. This is truly a very entertaining video! Beautiful footage all around, every single clip seems to have a purpose in the timeline. I wouldn't say you used the wrong editor, I'd say you made use of the editor you had, in a spectacular way. I'm curious, Luke, was some of the footage shot @ 48fps or 60fps?
  20. It's getting easier to win the business on the end I've been shooting for a couple years, a little tougher to win the high-end biz, although I do still get to shoot $10-20M homes from time to time. But yes, having a higher-end aerial rig would definitely assist with that.
  21. When you forget your gimbal at home, what do you do?? Hand-hold it like it's no big deal and pray you get a clean shot here and there!