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  1. A simple 3BR, 1.5BA home with a fresh remodel and a beach across the street = $1.18M on Maui. Enjoy!
  2. Very pleasant to watch, relaxing music, seems to fit the vibe of the area. I'll be honest, I cannot tell which shots were done on which camera, seems like no difference, all sharp & clear. Something you might recommend to the client for future vids - place the branding logo in the lower right corner, as opposed to the left. Latin-based languages read from the top left corner of a page, to the bottom right, meaning we quick-scan the same way...glancing at the top left, then center, then bottom right. Placing the logo in the bottom right will be seen less intrusively and will fee more natural to the viewer. This is just some blah blah info I learned years back when I was rehabbing defunct automotive repair shops. I used to bring them from 'about to close the doors' to 'highly profitable with happy customers' and we did a ton of it through print advertising, and this formula worked 100% of the time.
  3. Interestingly enough, property development moves rather slowly here, unlike the already-built home market, which moves in a matter of days. It'll be very interesting to see how the community responds to this development once the homes start popping up. There are fewer than 40 lots on the entire tract of land, which keeps everything spread out and not looking like a crammed up suburbia, and that's a good thing here, as Maui residents definitely don't want the place to start filling up and looking like Oahu (overcrowded, high-rise office buildings, etc). Bro, I wish I could sink the $$ into that setup, but right now it's just simply out of reach for me. In order to fly the A7RIII, I'd have to purchase another for backup, along with more glass as backup, and then the flying rig itself. When I start adding up the money involved, I'd probably come out better off springing for an Inspire 2 + X7 with full CineRAW unlock. So, basically, either way I'm looking at about $15-20k being dropped, which just isn't in the budget yet. I'm still climbing toward higher priced gigs, which is good, but progress and timing and whatnot are the limiting factors. As far as using shallow DoF, no matter the camera, I'd still shoot @ f11 or better for wide area land shots, just because the investors want to show the land in its entirety, as clearly as possible. The good news, however, is that the little Mavic 2 Zoom accomplishes a bit of shallow DoF via lens compression (more appropriately, it allows for a bit of parallax effect). Sure, it's nowhere near as sharp & detailed as the Sony cam, but it's a $1500 tool that still makes clients go 'oooooohhhh.....ahhhhhhh'.
  4. I recently was contacted to shoot a mostly aerial video piece for a large upcountry development. We've had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, so the land is nice & green, perfect for marketing. The client is new, but tends to handle high end luxury properties, so I'm excited for the connection. The camera lineup: Sony A7R III + 16-35 and 24-70 G-Master glass Phantom 4 Mavic 2 Zoom GoPro Hero 5 Enjoy!
  5. Can you flip the gimbal so the camera hangs underneath? Also, if you have handlebars, maybe turn them so the handles point upward, and mount the bar as high on the gimbal as possible?
  6. Thanks for sharing, @Av8Chuck, and I agree with you on several of these points of view. It's always interesting to see the different biz models and value systems. For example, where you find the most value in selling the media to the home owner, I find the opposite, and do the best selling it to the realtor. Part of that is because properties move FAST on this island (often times on market for just a few days), and they recycle often. I've relicensed media for properties, which gives me another chunk of revenue without re-shooting. I also realize this is dependent upon the market in a given area. Here on Maui it's all about vacation lifestyle and short-term rental properties. Shooting a condo for sale, then re-selling the photos to the new buyer for the vacation rental marketing is commonplace here. Personally, I do find that the realtor has actual value, so long as they're a professional in their industry and effective at what they do, for the best interest of their client. This small island has about 1,700 real estate agents, so I get to see all kinds of biz practices in this industry. With that in mind, it's definitely a continual education process in keeping the perceived value high with realtors. Many fall into the 'one day I'll use you when I get a nice enough property' mindset. I'm quick to accept that idea in an effort to acknowledge their thought process, and follow it up with the suggestion that they begin realizing their listing media as a personal listing portfolio. In other words, you don't get upscale luxury listings and then create beautiful media. You do it the other way around. About the biz model I use... A 1min social media cut of a video is $799+tax A 2-3min lifestyle video, including return for sunset, is $1499+tax Full video & photo bundle (full video, social media cut, still photos, aerial photos) is $2,499+tax Keep in mind, I live in a place where gas is over $4/gal, milk is about $10/gal and a studio apartment rental is $2k/mo.
  7. Aloha @Talon Six Aerial, thanks for sharing your work, and a bit about your current biz model! You definitely have some fine equipment and a keen eye to see the shots. I enjoyed both videos, they each kept me captivated throughout the entirety of the production, which is paramount. If I may offer a single tidbit... I think your camera height inside the home is a bit too tall, requiring a tilt downward to see the view. I'm betting you're in the 6' + club on your body height, based on the point of view in your videos. If you can find a way to get the camera lower, down around chest height, and straighten the gimbal pitch, so that the vertical lines of the home are plumb, you'll give your viewers a more appealing experience, without feeling like they need to 'look up'. Keep up the great work, and most definitely jack up your price sooner than later. I have more on that, but I'm considering making a separate post about it.
  8. Damn bro, wife rollin' around in a Lambo!.... not a bad life you've made Fun vids, thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks! Love doing that shot, it's one of my favorite techniques, when it fits the property.
  10. Aloha UAV Ohana, When most folks think of Maui, they imagine beautiful sandy beaches, sapphire blue water, and palm trees swaying in the wind. These aren't incorrect descriptors, by any means, but there's much more to this island than just the magazine & travel ad material. There's a decently sized motorsports community here, ranging from bikers to drag racers. We have a motorsports park with a corner-carving track, a motocross track, a drag strip, a dirt stock car track, and a range of offload trails that people tend to use for blowing off a little steam now and then. There's just something timeless about burnouts and donuts, no matter what you're driving. I had the pleasure of filming a project for a small group of motorheads, cruising upcountry and around parts of Haleakala. Thought I'd share a little vid of some of the action. Enjoy!
  11. Here's another, wrapped yesterday. I've been loving the challenge of a 1 minute property video, especially a luxury property. It's tough finding the balance between 'enough' and 'too much' content, but so far every client has been delighted with their product, so I think I'm on the right road. This moves quickly, with a few stalled out shots, and one of my favorite aerial entry shots to date Enjoy!
  12. Song title is Emotive Technology. The gimbal is a Zhiyun Crane Plus. I love it, it's been solid as a rock, except for the other day. lol. I have a Crane original, but it's tired and overworked. The motors no longer hold any kind of load for more than a few seconds before falling limp. I'm going to send it back for repair, just so I always have a second one on-hand, but it still won't hold the combo I'm shooting nowadays. (a7r3 + GM 16-35 2.8)
  13. Mahalo Chuck! I nerded out on the kitchen as well in this one. Really the rest of the place is just kinda...basic, if I may? Not that it's not beautiful, just no extra special doo-dads in the bedrooms and whatnot. The A7R3 was on a gimbal, but the shakiness was the result of a couple things... 1: The wind was definitely blowing on the day I shot the interior. The zoomed in view shots were done on another day, pretty calm, so those are steady. But the one showing the motorized blinds, the master bedroom, and living room were open to the wind. 2: I need to recalibrate the gimbal. Toward the end of the shoot, I was having problems keeping it from drifting / yawing. Usually a recalibration fixes is right up, and this video experience taught me that it's worth taking time to recalibrate before shooting a $3M condo. Music - Premiumbeat.com No rush intended on the PM, I know it'll happen in the perfect timing, whenever that is. Busy is a good thing for us all these days!
  14. Aloha gang, Wrapped another luxury Maui penthouse video last night. It's crazy today that I get to use some of the richest bathrooms around from time to time. Just sayin'... ? Best viewed in 4k with good sound. Enjoy! Camera lineup: Sony a7r iii DJI Phantom 4 DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
  15. Aloha everyone, After being rained out of a property shoot in Makawao town, I decided to take a little time in the sunny valley to play with the M2Z a bit. My subject of interest was the old sugar mill, in Pu'unene, just off the highway south of Kahului. HC & S (Hawai'i Commercial & Sugar) operated on Maui for 134 years, until it's shut down in 2016. This was the last and largest producing sugarcane operation in the state of Hawai'i, providing jobs for over 650 employees. Today, the processing mill remains abandoned, with a few security personnel driving around in trucks and patrolling the area. There's still a lot of valuable equipment just sitting to rot in the grass and dirt, somewhat of a sad sight to see, but ultimately a relic in the making at this time. Mahalo for viewing, enjoy!
  16. Outstanding fellas! @Av8Chuck are you about ready for another Maui trip already??
  17. ? You know, Chuck, I do what I can to keep the balance...can't be unicorns farting rainbows all the time for you! About this gallery talk...I'll send you a PM, I'd like to unpack that idea some more.
  18. Aloha Carlos, I haven't yet tried the Active Track function on this drone, but tomorrow will be a perfect opportunity, as I'm filming a custom street car, cruising up Crater Rd, to the 10,038ft summit of Haleakalā, a sleeping volcano on the island. I'll be sure to post my thoughts & findings on that feature. In the meantime, here's another shot from the M2 Zoom!
  19. Some photos... The first image is a wide shot (24mm equiv). The second is a full zoom shot (48mm equiv). The 3rd is a Super Resolution photo, basically doing what I've been doing for a time now, but automated. You line up the shot you want, the drone automatically zooms in and shoots the scene in 9 photos, then stitches them together into a single 48mp image. The only drawback is this was shot in JPEG. I'll take some time today to see if it can be done in RAW format. Enjoy!
  20. I took the M2Z out for a spin two days ago to see how it performed with considerable wind. White caps on the ocean start around 18 knots, which is also about the time the kite surfers come out to play. Kite surf filming has it's challenges, the primary of which is keeping the UAV far enough way from the kite to be safe, as well as not distract / piss off the kite surfer. It's a small island, so we all try to play nice with one another Anyhow, this little drone is surprised me pretty good! The stability in wind is by far improved over my P4 classic, and I never once received a 'poor signal' message. The zoom camera made it easy to get decent shots without encroaching on the surfer's space. My only gripe is that this drone is so incredibly difficult to see from far away (far being over 1,000ft). I'll be excited when someone comes out with a high-vis skin. So, here's a little one clip teaser, shot in 4k using optical zoom (48mm equivalent), D-cinelike profile, color graded in post. Once I have a proper ND filter, I'll be excited to see how things improve. So far, I'm not convinced the video quality is any better than the P4 classic, but having the ability to gain optical zoom is a big deal for my use scenarios.