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  1. First, I don't dislike Feinstein, I despise Feinstein. She and Putin should write a book on the perfect government. She didn't anymore write this bill than I did. But someone must step up to the plate and assist 'experts' to clarify personal rights versus drone-owner rights before this blows up in our faces and our drones get shot out of the air with no recourse. Regulation is coming and we must learn to condemn and force out peeping toms while at the same time allowing legitimate hobby and commercial users as much latitude (npi) as possible - but not at the expense of privacy and other personal liberties. These days of fly anywhere, video anything will be over soon, one way or the other. If you cannot fly a helicopter on my place and take video, your drone cannot either. And it's my right to remove it by any means I deem necessary (without personal injury) - with no recourse from the UAV owner or any govt. Pretty much, without special permission (and 107), you should only fly over your own property or any govt property unless designated as "UAV denied." Not on anyone else's property (w/o perm) or lower than 200' above it. Americans are not going to give up basic civil liberties so we can fly our UAV and video when and where we want to. They will go back to chopper video, manual inspections and 'ground photos' of real estate. Pilots/owners will need to learn to advise and assist the army of "regulation writers" and negotiate appropriate rules or UAVs as we know them (and use them) will be gone with the stroke of a pen.