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  1. If you prefer to contact me directly; Sales@dronephd.net
  2. Perfect... if you guys leave your requests and email address, I will contact you with answers!
  3. Ahh... great question I should have specified 'non-enterprise' for the majority!🙂 There may be an M600 basic basic setup (brand new), but it is not in my possession at the moment... may take a bit to regain, as I did a temp 'exchange' with a school I used to teach at, but they never used it. if interested, I can follow up, but it may be a little while.
  4. Can you add some more pics? Especially of the camera mounting? Is the RGB still there as well? Avg flight time with extra weight? Power source for sequoia?
  5. Doing an inventory 'clean out' and thought that this would be the best place to start: Professionals to Professionals. No guessing what you get on eBay or dealing with fakes on LetGo. However, I have Lots and not sure exactly what to sell... so I am starting with a request! It may generate a nice discussion board. Aside from some random Autel, GoPro, 3DR, and a few Parrot products, my lab is 80% DJI. So.... Let me know what You are looking for and I will see what I can put together.... then we haggle 🙂 ! I Even have a half-built octo with DJI A2 (and some Big motors) just waiting for that perfect person! Fixed wing airframes too!! R, Lance
  6. Greetings all! I have an almost Identical setup if anyone is still interested. Located in Orlando, but can Ship. Will possibly part out or add on if there is a particular customized 'package' you are looking for. Still utilize, just not as much... and had to invest in some other equipment for another account. Mine is the X5-RAW unit and gimbals.
  7. Hey JJ... Sent you an email couple days ago... haven't heard back. Did you receive? -Lance