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  1. Yes! I work in the video division of a city. Flying over people and BLOS would be great!
  2. Good job on the composition and use of speed-up for some dramatic shots. But (yes), too many 360''s around the rig. I would have shot several of those, and some that complete the move by slowing and stopping on a shot, then transition out to the next. Now, if you could have flown lower from one end to the other would have been awesome. Good job!
  3. How timely! Last Friday, a drone operator in Mountain View, CA, crashed their drone into power lines and caused a disruption in service, and totally nuked the drone! Read it on
  4. I work for the city, and there are no ordinances restricting drones. It appears that I'm now the in-house expert!
  5. That doesn't look like what I may have read. This restriction would have been an issue for me! Everyone, thanks!
  6. If GIS needs us, we'll try to help, but being restricted to 400 ft. may make it difficult. I don't know of any inspections which would benefit with the use of our drone. We'll help any of our departments, if we can. Robert
  7. Hi, I searched this site for this topic, flying close to high power transmission lines. I swear I read a line that UAVs can't fly within 2,000 feet of high power electrical transmission lines. We have two substations in my city with their paths in the north and west sides of town. Did I mis-read that info? I haven't been able to find any rules/regulations about this on Thanks ahead of time, Robert
  8. I'm one of several videographers for the City of Cupertino. We've recently purchased the DJI Inspire 2 with the 4x-something lense (can't justify the higher cost of the 5x-something lense!). I'm studying, off and on, for the test, but I do need to get this so i can fly, fly, and fly some more. I have a question which I'll post, soon. Now that other departments know we have one, they are practically lining up outside our door to suggest shots! Robert