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  1. Likewise! We're excited to show off what Zephyr has become since the last InterDrone. We'll also be staying at the Rio and look forward to reconnecting as well!
  2. Little Arms Studios will definitely be attending. We'll be showing off the newest build of Zephyr Drone Simulator at Booth 126. We're looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces, so come by and say hello!
  3. Little Arms Studios just released its newest build of Zephyr Drone Simulator, a professional-minded simulator already adopted by various flight schools within the U.S. and abroad. We felt this release was particularly noteworthy, however, because we’ve completely redesigned our website and given a new look to the Learning Management System interface. In addition, we’ve now packaged two different popular controller styles or a versatile USB adapter with Zephyr so that pilots will be able to select a complete hardware solution that meets their own preferences. As UAV Coach has a vibrant community we wanted to let everyone know about the newest developments with Zephyr. If you’ve been aware of us in the past we welcome you to come see how Zephyr has transformed into a powerful training tool. If you’re just finding out about us for the first time come discover why Zephyr is a steadily growing platform for serious sUAS training. You can view our full press release on sUAS News.