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  1. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has received authorization to fly over towered airport grounds? I recently received authorization to fly in a class C towered airport airspace within UAS Facility Map limits, but as expected the airport grounds themselves have a 0 AGL limit. I work for an architecture firm and want to photograph part of the airport roof that we will be redesigning, so although I won't need to go very high (100' max) I would need to operate within a few thousand feet of the runways. Has anyone received authorization like this, or do you have any opinions on whether this kind of authorization is achievable? Thanks! Ben
  2. An interesting thing happened with the authorization request I submitted back in May: I resubmitted it yesterday and referenced the fact that I hadn't heard back, and within 24 hours I received a confirmation of my May application. I can't imagine the timing is a coincidence.
  3. Is there any way to check if an application has been received? I've submitted 3 authorization requests, 1 of them about 3 months ago, and have heard nothing. It can't be hard to setup an auto response saying the application has been received.
  4. Thanks to all 3 of you @R Martin@Steve Bennett@Av8Chuck for your responses! I think my plan for now is to: - Notify 1800wxbrief - Call the heliport to share contact info. Even if no communication comes out of it, at least I've done my due diligence. - Buy a basic radio to have on hand when necessary. It sounds like it won't be very useful for heliports... my closest airport is PDX and I doubt ATC has the resources to deal with all the heliports in the city. This is my understanding as well. Doesn't mean I don't get freaked out when I'm up in the air and hear a heli rotor.
  5. Hi all, this is my first post. I started flying FPV a couple years ago and got my Part 107 cert in January. I have no airspace exemptions. I'm starting to fly more commercially for the firm I work for, and have been getting increasing requests to shoot hospitals that we designed, and that means heliports. I'm looking into aviation radios so I can be in better communication with heliports. Can anyone recommend a good handheld aviation radio for UAV pilots? I've been looking in the $200-$500 range but cost really isn't a huge issue. I've started listening to my LiveATC app to learn this new language that the 107 exam barely scratched the surface of, but still don't really know what to look for in a radio. Also, do any folks use ADS-B? I currently fly a Mavic so probably too small for a transmitter, but are there good radios with ADS-B receivers built in? I'm just getting into this and want to make sure I'm doing it safely. Sorry for any dumb noob questions. Thanks ahead of time for any help!