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  1. I have a Mavic Pro for personal use and a Mavic 2 for business, but would love to have something smaller and lighter for backpacking trips. If I win, I'll be taking this to the backcountry in Montana.
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has received authorization to fly over towered airport grounds? I recently received authorization to fly in a class C towered airport airspace within UAS Facility Map limits, but as expected the airport grounds themselves have a 0 AGL limit. I work for an architecture firm and want to photograph part of the airport roof that we will be redesigning, so although I won't need to go very high (100' max) I would need to operate within a few thousand feet of the runways. Has anyone received authorization like this, or do you have any opinions on whether this kind of a
  3. An interesting thing happened with the authorization request I submitted back in May: I resubmitted it yesterday and referenced the fact that I hadn't heard back, and within 24 hours I received a confirmation of my May application. I can't imagine the timing is a coincidence.
  4. Is there any way to check if an application has been received? I've submitted 3 authorization requests, 1 of them about 3 months ago, and have heard nothing. It can't be hard to setup an auto response saying the application has been received.