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  1. Has anyone used the Loki ppk system on their P4P and what pros and cons do you have? Thanks
  2. Greg, is there a camera with the package? Thanks Ron
  3. To all the mapping pilots, Does anyone know of a flight planning app that would allow you to enter state plane coordinates or a lat/long as the waypoint location instead of just tapping the screen?
  4. Thanks for the info. The flight plan app that I am using is from Drone Deploy. Is there another app that would allow for the change in elevation automatically or does it have to be done manually?
  5. To all UAV Coach pilots, Does anyone know what the DJI P4P (DJI platform in general) uses as an AGL height? Let me explain further. If I need to fly a flight plan that has 100 feet of elevation change in the flight plan and my home (starting point) is at the lower elevation and I use a altitude of 50 feet in my flight plan. Will I end up flying my UAV into the ground as I go up or does the UAV allow for the topography change? Thanks for any advice!
  6. I just saw a couple days ago that DJI has released two versions of the inspection type flight plans (vertical and orbital POI) in their DJI GS PRO app. You have to pay to use them, $0.99 for 60 mins. or $19.99 for the year? I'll probably give this a try, but I appreciate all the help!
  7. I did come across a company (Airware), that does exactly what I'm looking for, but I believe the drone, flight plan setup and software is proprietary?
  8. I have a DJI P4Pro. I'm not sure if that's PX4 based, but I was hoping to have a saved/ repeatable flight plan without flying manually? I think I remember seeing on the DJI GS pro that you can do a orbital flight plan around a POI, but I would have to fly that same flight plan at different altitudes and also figure an appropriate overlap of photos? I just thought it would be simpler to do repeatable vertical columns?
  9. Is anyone aware of any software/flight planning app, weather free or for purchase, that can do vertical columns around a POI (I.e.- cell tower) and be planned like a normal 2D flight plan?