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  1. News Search ?Search: News type: All News Items News & Updates Press Release Fact Sheet Speech Testimony Media Advisory Can anyone one shed some light on this? As a commercial licensed business and drone pilot do I need a COA or waiver if I'm flying under Part 107? The below statement was copied directly from the FAA web site. The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) new small drone rule – formally known as Part 107 – is effective on August 29. You may also be wondering what happens to your Section 333 exemption grant or petition for exemption. View the video here. The biggest question is whether you are better off flying under the provisions of Part 107, or should continue using your existing exemption? Your exemption is valid until it expires – usually two years after it was issued. Even after Part 107 becomes effective, you may choose to fly following the conditions and limitations in your exemption. However, if you want to operate under the new Part 107 regulations, you’ll have to obtain a remote pilot certificate and follow all of the rule’s operating provisions. You must apply for a waiver if some parts of your operation don’t meet the rule’s requirements. If you already have a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization under your Section 333 exemption – a “COA” – you can continue to fly under the COA limitations until it expires. If you don't already have a COA, you probably won't need one when the new drone rules go into effect. However, if you want to fly in controlled airspace, you will need permission from FAA air traffic control. Details about obtaining that permission will be online at when the small drone rule is effective on August 29, 2016. If you applied for a Section 333 exemption but haven’t received it yet, you should have received a letter from the FAA with specific information about the status of your petition. Generally, if your petition is pending and falls within the provisions of the rule, you should follow the steps outlined in the rule. Whether you choose to fly under your exemption or under the new small drone rule is your choice, depending on how you want to operate your aircraft. You’ll have to compare the conditions and limitations in your exemption to the operating requirements in the rule to determine which one best addresses your needs.
  2. Firstly I'm a current rated private pilot with a couple thousand hours logged in various aircraft. Trying not to giggle here and no disrespect but approach to land can be called from a very far distance from the the airport depending on airspace and traffic. However, on final indicates you're in the pattern, in the airspace at pattern altitude or lower and you're cleared to land. I live outside the 5 mile key so the commercial aircraft approaching to land are 2,550ft msl. Sorry if your suspicious but this is simply not the case. Thanks for your input with the inverted drone control failure, that makes sense.
  3. I have noticed a curious trend with "no Positioning" error when flying Phantom drones. During 3 seperate flights while a commercial aircraft flew over for approach to landing my drones went "no positioning" and the drone began to fly away erratically. I was able to recover two missions without incident. The third ended up with a total loss of control with the drone flipping upside down about a foot off the ground. I wasn't able to shut the power off with the remote and watch in horror as the aircraft blades spun to destruction. Has anyone else had this happen with commercial aircraft in the area?
  4. Greetings everyone! I'm new to the site and am starting a drone imagery business. I am considering the DJI M200 down the road following its release and my comfort level with the new product platform. Currently, I would like to add an inspire 2 to our fleet along with the XT Thermo and Z30 cameras. I understand the cameras are compatible with the M200 but dose anyone know if the cameras are also compatible with the inspire 2? Thanks in advance!