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  1. Very nice ..and the happy tune makes me want to paddle out. Money doesn't give you joy but it sure makes you feel good.
  2. I also received an email that basically said " hey its gonna take longer than 3 month before we even get a chance to look at your applications, so why don't you go check out Airmap". BTW Airmap does not work! I dowloaded the app, completed the form field data, requested a 10 minutes practice flight in my backyard - below the tree tops - 10 feet altitude and never heard back from them. So my plans for commercial work - must remain on hold.
  3. You nailed it. Almost felt like watching it twice.
  4. His standpoint is a little odd. I would want my videos to sell the home and then for me to right the contract.
  5. I kind of figured that. Must be a newer agent who thinks that more talking equals more selling. The power of your video presentation speaks louder.
  6. I like your work. That being said - I think there is too much text, it distracts the viewer/buyer from enjoying the moment / ride. It would be similar to the real estate broker who talks during the entire showing. Just a thought.
  7. Congratulations. I am still waiting for a response for mine in Miami Class B.
  8. I don't know how long it will take but its been over a month since I filled my 107 application and still waiting for a certificate. Also my entire business market is in Class B air space - It should be interesting to see if I get approved for a 6 month 150 AGL authorization.
  9. That's all good advise and you brought up several more points that I had not considered. Thank you
  10. Thank you for sharing. I am trying to figure out what used gear to buy for the same purpose. I thought the A6500 would be good but on the other hand, I wouldn't be able to share DJi X5S lenses so I'm thinking maybe it would be better to go with either the GH4 or GH5.