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  1. Thanks for the insight. I will likely take the UAVcoach course, then the test. I took the FAASafety course (ALC-451) and passed the test with no problems. On a related topic, if I get the LSA rating, would I then only have to have biennial reviews over that, even though I have the rotorcraft instrument ratings? Also, unfortunately, the nearest Flight school or CFI is nearly an hour from me.
  2. I flew helicopters in the Army decades ago, and got have my Commercial, Instrument, Single Engine, Land Rotary Wing ticket. I'm not current, and haven't been for years. (renting helos is big bucks!). Can't really see flying a helicopter ever again, and I've never flown a fixed wing. Questions on getting the Part 107 cert (opinions and legalities both welcome): Do I just start over as if I didn't already have an FAA cert? Do I get a Sport Pilot rating and go from there? (I wouldn't mind getting the rating, but time and cost is a factor). Other options? Any advice or suggestions welcome.