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  1. Cyclops55

    What Is Your First Purchase After the Drone Itself?

    Extra batteries, rapid multi-battery charger, spare props, sunshade for ipad display, hard case. I also have a VHF airband receiver/transmitter to monitor ATC frequencies if flying in Class C and to get weather from AWOS etc., but this is not required. Highly recommend an account with Drone Logbook. Upload your flights to DJI and then synch your DJI account to Drone Logbook. They archive your KML files. Useful when someone accuses you of flying somewhere you weren't. It's basically your flight data recorder from your drone. Fly safe!
  2. Cyclops55

    Where are your favorite places to fly a drone?

    Richmond, VA (RVA) is one of my favorite places to fly both day and night. Most of downtown with the exception of some US park areas, and a helipad or two allows for almost complete freedom to fly. Rivers, trains, cityscapes and historic buildings make it interesting. Most of the Richmond (RIC) class C is to the east of the city. Gallery at
  3. Cyclops55

    Real Estate photography

    Google drive has same function. Load them to your drive, share discreetly via email to client and then delete after they download. Not sure you should be doing the upload to MLS. Aren't you shooting them for an agent who has access to MLS? That's their job. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are my tools. Lightroom is excellent for drone photography.
  4. Cyclops55

    Elevation Data, Obstacles, and Drones

    All countries keep obstacle (obstruction) data in their official aeronautical databases. These are used in all VFR and IFR charting as well as in terminal instrument approach databases.
  5. Cyclops55

    Sectional chart Visibility Help

    I think its actually a carry over from manned aircraft testing question bank. Just know your classes of airspace and ceiling/visibility/cloud clearance requirements.
  6. Yup. Journalist sensationalize and embellish without facts all the time.
  7. Cyclops55

    Cascade Mountains Winter Wonderland

    Very cinematic and nice editing. Remember you cloud clearances though.
  8. Cyclops55

    Army Aviator looking for advice

    You can try General Atomics. But you will spend a lot of time deployed. I am retired Army Aviator (OH-58D driver) as well. Feel free to contact me at for any offline discussion.
  9. Cyclops55

    Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

    Intended for the non-commercial drone market obviously. But if you are trying to promote the commercial drone business and regulation development it sends signal that drones are toys, comical and not a business tool.
  10. Cyclops55

    Curious about drones in Denver

    April, Its important that you get FAA certified since you will be using a drone in your business. There are a myriad of ways to study and and prep for the exam. You will also want to consider some drone liability options. There is a wedding photographer locally where I live who shoots with a RED camera and a Mavic Pro. I can hook you up with his Twitter feed.
  11. Cyclops55

    Mount Tom Fall shots

    DEEP §23-4-1 // 2017 And according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the use of drones is prohibited at Connecticut State Parks, State Forests or other lands under the control of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, unless specifically authorized by the Commissioner in a Special Use License. Also, did you have 3 miles vis during all of those shots?
  12. Cyclops55

    Olowalu, Maui

    Awesome photo!
  13. Cyclops55

    RPV Pilot opportunity In Aberdeen MD

    If you are paying this pilot, why would they be a hobbiest? What are the requirements for the position? Licensing, experience, etc. Is this a government contractor?
  14. Cyclops55

    Material to help educate customers

    If I was selling real estate or otherwise practicing real estate functions without a license, other realtors would be the first to report me to the local real estate board, right? It's about ethics and professionalism. Try that approach with them. They are violating federal law. No license usually equals no insurance, but you will never eliminate the ones who will do it regardless of federal law. Offer to present a summary of drone operations at their next real estate board meeting.