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  1. The author of the article has been an outspoken critic of DJI on Twitter for a long time. If you believe everything in the article, then you should probably smash your iPhone with a hammer too so the Chinese don't read your text messages or look at you dog photos. Doubtful the average real estate photography or video presents a national security threat. Perhaps they could mine some intellectual or technical information from construction or mining sites. Just weigh the risk with what you are using if for. Of course American companies should step up and offer alternatives to DJI products, but so far nothing offered has come close to DJI's market grasp.
  2. Check out the tools in Drone Deploy. You will have to subscribe to get some of the measurement tools. I think I just read an article where they have an object counter (like number of trees).
  3. That is just a bill. Was it actually enacted and signed into state law? It does seem to be a legit bill, but it is not law unless enacted. It seems it would be on the land owner to prove you were not at 400 ft and a good lawyer could take it all the way to the Supreme Court if you wanted to litigate it that far. There will be challenges to these state laws. I keep my KML files just in case.
  4. So you are going to keep complete line of sight of your drone during delivery? How do you plan to avoid wires, terrain and unmarked towers below 200 ft? Have any of you drone delivery visionaries ever even flown in a low level environment? And that sling load "box" is nowhere even near aerodynamic. Have you ever looked at a flat plate drag chart for an external load? Your battery time and drone airspeed will be limited by the weight of the package and flat plate drag. Good luck delivering toothpicks.
  5. I use a Brother label maker. Sticks just fine hot, cold, wet. dry.
  6. Extra batteries, rapid multi-battery charger, spare props, sunshade for ipad display, hard case. I also have a VHF airband receiver/transmitter to monitor ATC frequencies if flying in Class C and to get weather from AWOS etc., but this is not required. Highly recommend an account with Drone Logbook. Upload your flights to DJI and then synch your DJI account to Drone Logbook. They archive your KML files. Useful when someone accuses you of flying somewhere you weren't. It's basically your flight data recorder from your drone. Fly safe!
  7. Richmond, VA (RVA) is one of my favorite places to fly both day and night. Most of downtown with the exception of some US park areas, and a helipad or two allows for almost complete freedom to fly. Rivers, trains, cityscapes and historic buildings make it interesting. Most of the Richmond (RIC) class C is to the east of the city. Gallery at
  8. Google drive has same function. Load them to your drive, share discreetly via email to client and then delete after they download. Not sure you should be doing the upload to MLS. Aren't you shooting them for an agent who has access to MLS? That's their job. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are my tools. Lightroom is excellent for drone photography.
  9. All countries keep obstacle (obstruction) data in their official aeronautical databases. These are used in all VFR and IFR charting as well as in terminal instrument approach databases.
  10. I think its actually a carry over from manned aircraft testing question bank. Just know your classes of airspace and ceiling/visibility/cloud clearance requirements.
  11. Very cinematic and nice editing. Remember you cloud clearances though.
  12. You can try General Atomics. But you will spend a lot of time deployed. I am retired Army Aviator (OH-58D driver) as well. Feel free to contact me at for any offline discussion.
  13. Intended for the non-commercial drone market obviously. But if you are trying to promote the commercial drone business and regulation development it sends signal that drones are toys, comical and not a business tool.