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  1. Yup. What Av8Chuck said. Although the FAA does also not have the resources to track down every violator. But never mess with a 3 Letter Federal Agency or federal law. They can wield very stiff fines for violators--when you do something really stupid.
  2. Would not purchase. It has no stability on uneven ground with that belly landing design. Why go through props and kicking up even more debris into your motors when you don't have to?
  3. It's also good to know your state and local laws on privacy. They can conflict with FAA FARS since they are written by people who don't understand FAA FARS. If one of the neighbors claims his wife was sunbathing and you were peeping with your drone, then you could wind up in a lawsuit. That is why it is important to have liability insurance.
  4. NTSB is also using drones to document aircraft accident scenes for the same purpose of preserving the evidence.
  5. If you are using a DJI drone, don't forget to check their geofence areas ahead of time and request an unlock to fly. I requested several flight windows at a time. The first time I had to do it, it wasn't exactly a intuitive process. It is easier to apply for the mission on a laptop, then download the unlock keys on your mobile device and they must be sent to the drone as well. Google You Tube for a few videos on the DJI unlock process and keep in mind your screenshots may not look exactly like the ones in the video.
  6. I had some thoughts as Av8Chuck. Having spent a lot of years looking out of a helicopter, I could tell some of the altitudes were higher than our limit of 400ft and same on cloud clearances. Altitudes do increase the perspective! But as others have said, a very well edited video, especially the audio synch on the transitions. The boat hyper lapse on the end was a cool clip. I'm hoping there is a Mavic 3 pro in near future.
  7. The KML file would show exactly where the drone flew. Think of it as your "flight data recorder". It can prove you did or didn't fly where you said you flew. Drone Logbook will parse it from every flight.
  8. Agree with Dave Pitman. One of my previous Class D authorizations did not require any notification, but restricted to LAANC altitudes.
  9. If you were flying your Cessna, would you swill wine? You should tell your host client that you cannot consume alcohol an fly your drone, but you will gladly accept after flying your mission. That is about as professional as you can get. Disregard all the other answers. You are splitting hairs. Just avoid it until after the mission.
  10. This is only the first. Delivery drones will fall out of the sky due to mechanical failure, an obstacle or EMI. It's not mature technology yet.
  11. There's not an app for everything. Do some preflight planning to understand the drone laws, procedures and airspace of the country you are flying in. Kittyhawk, Airmap and Skyvector to start.
  12. Check the FAA's current list of LAANC enabled facilities first. If it is not on this list, then most likely you won't be able to LAANC request that airspace. Class D facilities seem to be last on the priority list behind the Class C facilities.
  13. DroneWizard, With exceptions of N. VA and VA Beach areas, Virginia has wide open spaces to fly. It is a very drone friendly state.
  14. I fly near many private strips and untowered airports and have not experienced anything like that. Check your airspace. As Chuck said, DJI can be a pain, but there is a process to unlock it when needed. The database is inaccurate for sure. Are you near any of the newly announced no fly zones near military bases?
  15. If you use Adobe, Premiere Pro will look familiar to Lightroom and Photoshop. If you are an Apple user, Final Cut Pro might work for what you are doing.