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  1. Cyclops55

    Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

    Intended for the non-commercial drone market obviously. But if you are trying to promote the commercial drone business and regulation development it sends signal that drones are toys, comical and not a business tool.
  2. Cyclops55

    Curious about drones in Denver

    April, Its important that you get FAA certified since you will be using a drone in your business. There are a myriad of ways to study and and prep for the exam. You will also want to consider some drone liability options. There is a wedding photographer locally where I live who shoots with a RED camera and a Mavic Pro. I can hook you up with his Twitter feed.
  3. Cyclops55

    Mount Tom Fall shots

    DEEP §23-4-1 // 2017 And according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the use of drones is prohibited at Connecticut State Parks, State Forests or other lands under the control of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, unless specifically authorized by the Commissioner in a Special Use License. Also, did you have 3 miles vis during all of those shots?
  4. Cyclops55

    Olowalu, Maui

    Awesome photo!
  5. Cyclops55

    RPV Pilot opportunity In Aberdeen MD

    If you are paying this pilot, why would they be a hobbiest? What are the requirements for the position? Licensing, experience, etc. Is this a government contractor?
  6. Cyclops55

    Material to help educate customers

    If I was selling real estate or otherwise practicing real estate functions without a license, other realtors would be the first to report me to the local real estate board, right? It's about ethics and professionalism. Try that approach with them. They are violating federal law. No license usually equals no insurance, but you will never eliminate the ones who will do it regardless of federal law. Offer to present a summary of drone operations at their next real estate board meeting.
  7. Cyclops55

    How much money does it take to start a drone business?

    It only cost $100 in Virginia to register your LLC and $50 annually to maintain........
  8. Cyclops55

    Night operations

    Luke, My FAA waiver to daylight operations is good for 4 years, nationwide. Trying to get a rapid response waiver is not what you want to try and do every time you need to fly at night. Get a blanket night waiver. You will need an observer for all night operations. That is pretty much a given for all waivers to daylight operations and there are some training requirements for them as well. Good luck.
  9. Cyclops55

    Thoughts on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom?

    Mavic 2 is impressive, but other Twitter feeds are complaining about its only 4K 30fps and not 60fps.
  10. Cyclops55

    National Parks

    As I have said before, we need a National Drone Association (NDA) to advocate for a booming industry. Lobbying Congress, the FAA and participating in the Federal Rulemaking Process. Drones are no more obtrusive than 4 wheelers, motorcycles and other vehicles in National Parks, but there needs to be balance between having the parks overwhelmed with drones while others are trying to enjoy the solitude of nature.
  11. If your You Tube channel is connected to your business and has other business videos on the feed, you are promoting yourself and thus it is commercial. You client should recognize the value of drone photography and video and understand compensation should be in order. If you put on social media, make sure it can stand a legal drone footage litmus test. LAANC has rolled out almost nationwide now, so authorizations should be much easier.
  12. Cyclops55

    What are you doing re: illegal drone flights?

    @Briarcliff--spot on. If I were practicing real estate without a license, the local real estate association would be all over me. Realtors are taught to act ethically and legally at all times, but they turn a blind eye to drone use very easily. One of the problems I see is lack of a National Drone Association or something like that that can advocate on a professional basis with real estate, insurance and construction industry associations to educate and advocate on a larger basis and yes, even lobby congress if needed. AOPA has embraced drones, but that is not their primary bread and butter. MLS should require drone license numbers before posting aerial shots. Problem solved. If I see something blatant on a commercial basis I will email the FSDO in my region and provide them links or photos of the violations. For example, a county newspaper photographer was publishing an aerial photo in the newspaper almost ever week and credited the photographer. I looked his name up in the FAA airman registry and bingo, no certificate of any kind. Sent the FAA examples from the newspaper links. So far, I haven't seen anymore photos. Saw another local news tweet on Twitter of a reporter's story on a large Christmas lights display. The reporter flew her drone at night, over people and broadcast the footage. She did not have a license, proper drone night equipage or a waiver to daylight opns. Sent it all to FSDO. I can understand the FAA going easy on a kid with a drone, but commercial businesses should start receiving large fines and it will clean up the battlefield a little. Problem is, the FAA did not anticipate the expansion of drone operations and does not have the manpower to do "ramp checks". So right now, we have to police our own or let these clowns define our industry. You can easily search the FAA site and drill down to your local FSDO office and their is an email submission box to contact them.
  13. Cyclops55

    Herbicide spraying using drones in the US

    Have you tried contacting your local Flight Standards District Office?
  14. Cyclops55

    Is it Legal to Shoot Down a Drone?

    The Supreme Court ruled in 1940 that 85 ft above your property can be considered "yours". It was a court case about a neighbor shooting fireworks over his neighbors property. Might be hard to argue with a drone and CFRs that allow it now.
  15. Cyclops55

    Getting your name out there as a freelancer

    So this might not be the exact thread to post this, but has anyone listed their business profile on Angie's List? TAKL? Any others out there? Thanks