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  1. Doing the flights and making the maps is not the issue - it's convincing a farmer to pay for it that is the subject of the post.
  2. I have an NIR setup and have done lots of free flights for ag producers in my area (Eastern Oregon and SW Idaho). When I show them the crop health map they usually say "what am I supposed to do with that". I have tried to find a way to apply a "prescription" based on the NDVI map but it seems there are no applicators in this area that can do that. I have talked to other drone pilots in the area and they have not figured out how to make money in the ag space - anybody got some ideas?
  3. I am interested. I live in Ontario Oregon (in the NE area). I am near and have done videos in the Blue Mountain Wilderness. I have lots of experience in the gold mining region near Baker City (I lived in BC for 17 years). I have samples on my website ( Here's a link to a wilderness video I did in the Blue Mountains: I have another showing the "Paint Your Wagon" movie site:
  4. We had 126 GCP's, all located with survey grade GPS. I did process all of the data myself (took about a week using 2 computers running 24 hours a day). The most important final product was a Civil 3D surface. The final surface elevation was compared to the GCP elevations - and another 60+ ground truthing points. The average difference was less that 0.4'. The client (an engineering / survey firm) was very happy with the results. They designed a new access road leading to a gold mine using the surface we delivered.
  5. Chris, I have tried all of the pilot apps out there and concluded that the Mapsmadeasy Pilot app is the most flexible and reliable. I did a very large project this year (about 7000 acres) and used the MME pilot app with Terrain Awareness, Linear missions, Basemap Caching for Offline Operations and Saved Missions. It took a week to fly using 2 Phantom 4's. We had no issues with any mission (24 in all) and the ability to recall a saved mission and fly it was a huge time saver and assured us we were flying exactly what we needed. If you're interested, here's a video showing the finished
  6. I use Litchi for these kinds of missions. It's ability to create, store and recall programmed waypoint flights is extensive.