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  1. Mr. Bennett: Thank you for the contact. I will check it out immediately. Mark
  2. Hello: I am retired, 69 years old and bore very easily. I bought a Parrot Bebop 2 drone for something to keep me busy but I am having a hard time finding a club to join or an area to practice. I live in Burlington, Kentucky, which is part of the Northern Kentucky area and on the south side of the Ohio river from Cincinnati. I have tried to contact a club from Northern Kentucky University but have had no luck. I don't know if this club no longer exists or if I am just not looking in the right places for their contact info. Hopefully someone in this forum group can help me contact them or any other drone club in the area. I have found a Flying Cardinals organization in the area but they appear to be specifically for RC controlled planes. If anyone can help me in any way I would be very grateful. Thank you, Mark
  3. I would like to find out how to hook up with the new Drone Group out of Northern Kentucky University. How do I do that? I live in Burlington, am new to Drones, have a Parrot Bebop 2 and want to find a place to fly it so I can practice.
  4. Mr. Weber: I have recently purchased a Parrot Bebop 2 Drone and am quite interested in getting involved in this group so I have a safe place to fly as well as a like minded community to learn from. How do I go about joining? What all is involved in being a member? Are there regularly scheduled meetings where I can learn from more experienced pilots? What are the hours that the Air Field is available? Thank you, Mark Bamberger