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  1. Funny you should ask. PBS had a very interesting series where they installed cameras in mock wild animals--all kinds of them: flamingos, elephants, and wild geese. They used a drone to take photos of geese while the drone was in formation with the geese. Of course, this isn't what I really meant, I didn't mean to use a regular drone to take pictures, I meant to use the aerodynamics and flight characteristics of eagles and hawks to take advantage of the wind currents and updrafts. Nonetheless, it looks like there is an interest in this idea. I don't know the name, but one company is working on this idea. Soon we'll have drones that can soar for days without using battery power!!! Unfortunately, they can be used for good or for bad, like everythng else.
  2. The flights seem to be very good and smooth, however, everything seems to be very dark. Does your drone have sunglasses on? Even the videos in the bright sunshine seem to be darker than it seems it should be. It could be my PC or something on my end. It's just that the whole video seems be on the dark side--meaning lack of light not lack of morality! Certainly a lot of excellent effort was put into this video. Switzerland is always beautiful.
  3. I like the drone footage accompanied by a very nice description of the vintage lighthouse. I'm sure there aren't many cast-iron lighthouses in the world. Most of the rebar skeletons are covered by concrete.
  4. Dream come true. A drone that flies like a bird. Another article like this one.
  5. My dream come true. Bird-inspired wings could help small drones fly four times longer
  6. I was watching a hawk today and wondered why drone makers haven't made drones that look like hawks. Then, I had another thought, why don't drone makers make drones that fly like hawks do? Gain altitude and then extend their range by soaring the way hawks do? This would be very good for saving battery power and very good for surveillance or search-and-rescue. Using soaring techniques could extend the range and time in the air. The design would have to be drastically different from what the current ideas are. But, wouldn't it work? I am thinking of some of the drones that are used for delivering medical supplies in Africa, they probably already use some soaring techniques, but I'm not aware of them. How about passenger or sports planes using the same techniques? My idle thought for today.
  7. Hi Isabella, I signed up for the DroneSafetyMap. It's almost impossible to use. I have several hospital helipads near where I live. The 5 mile radius (which is currently irrelevant anyway) for each of them overlap. So, each one has a blue layer that starts out as translucent and becomes almost completely opaque for the map underlying those layers. There are no settings that one can do, even when logged in. Since it was written for the UK, all the defaults start in the UK at London airport. Offhand, this is probably much worse than B4UFLY from our own FAA. I haven't used it for logging any flights, so I don't know how that works yet. I don't see any way to find NOTAMS or TFRs from that app, either. Stan
  8. OK, I passed my recurrent exam. Now, I understand that we won't get any cute, little plastic updated certificate indicating the new expiration date but that we have to keep the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper together with our original cute, little plastic certificate. And, we must keep them together. Does anyone have a creative way to do this other than carrying an attaché case to hold everything together? I understand that we cannot alter the sheet of paper. Certainly we cannot copy it, because it has a notary public stamp on it. Cannot copy that very well. May we fold it, or is that altering it too much? This may be a stupid question, but little things like this tend to bother me. Stan p.s. Maybe I could build a little wooden cabinet on wheels with a file drawer to keep these things.
  9. Terrible idea, but I guess it had to happen. Defenses will be very hard to create, especially against a massive attack. Maybe a Gatling gun of counter-drones. I don't think this is along the lines of making the world a better place.
  10. Maybe I should not have mentioned my vote. Deleting my comment. Sorry Philip.
  11. What do you think of Buzzy? Sound off in the comments. I have to go with childish and silly. Av8Chuck asks what is it trying to solve? Same question here.
  12. This is a question and not an answer. Also, it is not a challenge to real estate drone photographers, but rather a possible opportunity to illustrate the ways in which they are useful that most people would miss. I'm just curious about what added value a home buyer or real estate buyer would get out of drone media taken of their potential property? What should they be looking for in drone media that they could not see in any other way? For example, what does the neighbor's yard look like? Roofing flaws? Proximity to railroad tracks and busy roads? Proximity to industrial parks? I would like to see an article outlining the special benefits of drone media to the home or real estate buyer. These answers could also be useful to news media drone photographers as well. What could the reader look for in drone photos that they would not think about finding any other way?
  13. #3 Polo #3 - very educational with the dates; mya? Million Years Ago?
  14. I would hope that things won't continue to the point where we do need to be monitored by drones in everything we do. Let's hope that instead, things will settle down in this country. I can't say either that I'd be eager to be watched 24x7 by every means of surveillance. May everything in America improve and move in a direction that we can enjoy and look forward to.
  15. Fair enough. Maybe in 2028. Too soon to think this way, I guess. Then again, I saw on 60 minutes that there was a first responder equipping his kids with bleed kits. Tourniquets, bleed control, the whole nine yards. It may well come to this. Everything monitored. Everyone identified all the time. They already do it in mall stores. Nobody quits shopping. Another thought. I don't suppose the helicopters overhead are actually looking down. Are they? No, not possible. Then again. Are they?