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  1. Nice pictures, JBR also the Mavic's is always nice to work but as you mention is really hard to see once you send far awar. I used the GPS map to follow the trajectory to bring home or to spot the places. Now i have the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and the small but reliable SPARK. DJI tried to crash all dron enthusiast , with this new 2 Mavic's The Mavic Zoom is gonna be my choice in case i decided, as you mentions the zoom is really help for surf or sports activities. The weakness point that i found on Mavic Pro and SPARK is the Active Track. Is really easy to loose the subject.
  2. Christian, One topic i really want to cover is the data handle files that FCP generated and how to archive documents. The FCP generated several folders and data Final Cut Optimized Media Final Cut Original Media Named of project Cache with name of project Final cut library name of project What files are you gonna really need, in order to do a backup in a external hard drive On FCP software different between: Librarie Events Project Intelligent collections Not a full explanation but just i main idea to how to handle
  3. Well finally the objetive to enroll me in to the course of Video editing / Post Production was to learn and make my surf videos and family videos, this is my first video using the DRON SPARK and SOLOSHOT3. The only way i can make a video and be on the movie while surfing. The Dron technology is not good enough that in the water the DRON follow you without having dive accidents due the problems with the acoustic sensors and the camera, in deep water the dron can loose the altitude. Yes he can follow you and tracking but they can go dive because can not estimated the proper altitude.
  4. Raincast, did you experiment any issue while flyng on this locations is only water, the DJI dron have a tendency when they are below to 10 mts start to use the VPS system. Over water the acoustic and vision sensor is not able to hold position. I read a lot some people disabled the VPS system to avoid this issue. You launch and landing in your hand or over the boats... regards I tried to find the best setting for fly over water but the best is more than 6 mts is i go below start to losing position ...
  5. The drone located the two persons and drop a flotating device and save he’s life ... The news is in Spanish but you can play the VID Totally impressed
  6. As i mention i used this course for family memories, but in the meantime i learning a lot and some people they start become interesting if i make this as a bussines
  7. I will created a new post for sharing the VID i make on the africam safari zoo, before he gets angry and runs away from his Post .. sorry JBR...
  8. So they just says that for not used the DRON inside the facilitys, thanks for the info.... i also saw NatGeo and History VID with DRONES . All was ok.
  9. Few month ago i visit a ZOO in mexico Puebla, the Africam Safari. And ask about if they allow to used my DRON, they not allow and somebody mention that the sound of the DRON, the animal can confuse with a attack of Bees, and can created a stampede. Could be... I only used Osmo Mobile with Iphone
  10. Nice Marcus, question did the SPARK have signal from GPS inside the building or your fly with ATTI
  11. This is really nice vid, congrats you finally reach the level of TV comercial VIDS thats in sometime maybe never believe never gonna see one of your VID on the TV. In some point you really wish to see your VID on TV. You made it and open a new big opportunity to the DRON business. Well done i see almots all you post and you progress was follow for all the fourom, next level Movies theather....!! This VID you make with the P4 ..? or used other drone... The timelapses VID are awesome ...!! How do you make the speed efect on FCP, i used but never install the FCP X and there is a l
  12. Thanks for the comments, as i mention this video is only for keep inside the family i cut the most important moments for 1 week vacations. Also i used to edit in a Macbook Air and the different between the Macbook Pro was the screen definition and for render was taking more on time on the Macbook Air. What are some things you would do differently next time around while filming, and what are some things you can do next time around when cutting a new version? Definitive a scheduled and programming scenarios, using different shots and combined with more dinamical shots using the Karma
  13. Hi Christian, This is my first post and firts VID after working on the 50% of the course AP-P-101, this VID is for my personal vacations my goal was to take all the emotion and the fun on this travel with my family. I used the GoPro Hero 4, Karma with the Go Pro Hero 5 Black and the Dron Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro without filter only a Sun Lens Hood Glare Gimbal Protector. ( This protector sometime interfered with the VID i maybe back for the normal Gimbal protector or without) I only used the Dron no more than 10 times so i still working in the smooth transiti