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  1. Av8Chuck I do this for my career. I started out 6 years ago as a Google Trusted Photographer, then two years ago I added the Matterport technology to my services and then last fall got my drone license. I have also done product photography and also this summer I did two TV commercials with my production partners. This was my first real estate video. I work with my production partners for the interior video. We thought it turned our great. I do agree with your comments on the lighting. We definitely saw where the lighting could have been better in some of the interior scenes. And criticized ourselves for not catching that. However, both the agent and homeowner were thrilled with the video. But there is always room for improvement. In fact we are going to one of our houses to work on some techinques for the next project. On the speed of the transition I was told that the quick transition between rooms or scenes is the trend now. However, we did slow it down from the initial first draft. You are so right on the majority of real estate agents that don't understand the value of having a video that really shows off the house and property and gives the prospective buyer a feel for what it would be like to live at that particular house. We hope to get in front of some of the other agents later this month to do a presentation. Granted, this type of video is not for every property but, the ones that are much more than a house definitely should have one of these videos. The homeowner brought in the people for the cocktail party scene. One of the guys is her son and his girlfriend along with her daughter. The other people are friends. They all had fun with the whole project. If the grass had been mowed near the pond we were going to have the same two guys who were throwing the football, fishing in the pond as well. I tried to write as much back to you as you did to me. Ha!
  2. Jeff, I am very interested and i am part 107 certified and live in Montgomery county MD. My phone number is(301) 467-7606. Thank you, Marc Farley
  3. Hello, Just got a DJI Phantom 3 4K drone in the last few weeks to expand my photography business. I specialize in 360 virtual tour business photography for real estate, commercial real estate, retail, car dealers, doctors, etc. Excited to offer aerial photography with my 360 and 3D virtual photography business. In the process of getting the Part 107 license. Marc