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  1. Thanks for responding! This is some really good information that really helps my researching. Is this the Aquadrone hull that you're talking about? I don't think the drone needs to be completely waterproof. It's just a nice thought to know that it would be protected it from splashes and such. I film sailboat racing, and sailboats don't sail if it's storming. I'm planning to get a waterproof Pelican case for it. I don't see any waterproof drones out there that 1- have good enough battery life and 2- have a decent, trustworthy plan/insurance for replacement if something happens. One thing I like about the DJI P4 is actually its long legs. They make it easy for beginners to launch and catch the drone. The Karma is built moreso for entry-level people who are launching & landing on the ground. But flying from a powerboat requires me to launch and catch by hand. It's not a problem for me to launch and catch it by myself, but it's definitely more time efficient (during a short, action-packed sailboat race) to have someone else catch the drone, do a quick battery swap, then launch it. A lot of times, this 'drone catcher' is someone with zero drone experience, so it's best to keep them at ease and comfortable. I have been looking at the QuadH2O but I think it has too short of battery life. I've also looked at the SwellPro Splash Drones. Does anyone have any experience with these? The camera on the DJI P4 really is appealing. I could use this content for print advertisements, whereas I can't use any GoPro Hero 5 shots in print.
  2. I'm new here! I'm a sailor and I work in the sailing industry. In February, I really needed to purchase an action camera and a gimble, so the Karma Grip & Hero5 Black was what I went with. It was only $400 more to add on the drone, so I purchased my first drone and learned how to fly it. The GoPro Karma Drone has absolutely been the worst experience – It had manufacturer problems right out of the box that were never really solved. The GoPro Care team is very difficult to work with. Flying the drone has become a big part of what I do for work. It's time to upgrade from this horrible GoPro Karma drone. My eyes are on the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced. I would love your input on which drone to buy! Features I want: A really good camera. Easy to catch by hand from a powerboat. Would be really cool to have a floating drone or a waterproof drone. Not sure this is viable. Do any of you fly with action water sports? Which drone do you use? Which would you recommend?