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  1. Thanks Dutchy & Dragonfly1 for the above comments. Very much appreciated.
  2. Appreciate your perspective on this and thanks but our clients request as close as possible! When I say zooming I'm talking about the quality not the fact that zooming will be necessary. If we do our job probably there shouldn't be a need to zoom... But at least the option is there. 45mm is the best lens on the X5 for this task! Would love to know how you do 300,000Sq ft manually! That must be a HUGE amount of batteries and easily 2,000+ images???? I'm not sure I agree that the same result cannot be achieved automated if planned correctly.
  3. Yes it's currently just IOS. And that's exactly what we do for inspections currently. Forward taking images... Backwards taking images. Addional shots for even further detail on gutterings, fixings etc. It's very difficult and takes a long time. And when with a 45mm lens? Twice as hard... Very close up shots, lack of positional awareness meaning even more difficulty. The most difficult is checking through the imagery afterwards to ensure you haven't missed any spots...
  4. Yes we are going to be testing GS Pro now instead of DD - that seems more suited to our requirements! We can test both the map/ start stop options to see what works best. I'm confident it will still work moving (just with a higher shutter) or if not we can go for the start stop method. If either work its still better than having to complete manually. As mentioned above - I didn't know the height impacts the shutter so much! What is your experience using GS Pro?
  5. This is the type of work we are beginning to get and are aiming to get more of. However we imagine most would not require the entire roof such as this. We normally fly manually which is obviously much more skillful - in many cases we will have to fly manually anyway as we wouldn't fly auto in more built up areas. Completely get GPS accuracy etc. Yes we could upgrade; something we would consider in the future but I don't think we would be auto mapping that many entire roofs for it to be a sole decision. I know people who do similar work and they seem to do it mainly manually with such tas
  6. Thanks for the info. The roof is roughly 20ft high. DOF issue would be resolved increasing ap? We can't fly any higher than 60ft as the detail won't be there.. And the same goes for using the 12mm.. It just isn't the right sensor for the inspection level we need. I will try high shutter and then auto focus as well If need be. Dronedeploy kept missing edges of the roof and not flying straight lines (not sure if this was because there was a breeze) this is why we are going for such high overlap. I guess this again is the difficultly with flying so low over a relatively smal
  7. Hi Av8chuck - thanks very much for the response. Would this explain why the images of the roof aren't that great yet the ground shots (over the edge of the roof) look pretty clear? Is it just because we are closer to the roof that you can tell the most? This is why I was thinking its a calibration issue because the ground shots look clearer? I'll be honest - I had no idea the shutter would need to be that high for a 4mph flight. As mentioned above we flew the same mission with higher shutter and the result was the same however it was nowhere near 1/800.
  8. Kara also, after just checking DroneDeploy hasn't even processed the Map. I submitted it to see how it would come out for testing and nothing has been stitched together its just the normal google maps type view. I will re: submit the images... but not sure if this is a sign that it won't work correctly with DD?
  9. Thanks very much Kara - I did post this on the Facebook page and on the DroneDeploy forum as well. There hasn't been any responses so I presume this is a tough one? Just need it narrowing down - is it calibration or DD settings! Really appreciate your help! Jack
  10. Hi, Need some help/advise with using 45mm for mapping a roof for inspection - NOT 3D model. We have been testing DroneDeploy for automated full roof inspections - basically to save us time taking manual pictures which can be difficult when doing sizes such as 10,000 sq ft. We are using the Olympus 45mm, X5 on Inspire Pro. The picture quality isn't great - they almost look unfocused? We need them really detailed for post analysis for conditions. We have had issues previously when flying below 30ft above the structure but on this particular flight we were at 60ft AGL aprox 4