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  1. Ken - I sent you an email with the subject line "UAV Coach / Flight BVLOS" I look forward to continuing this correspondence. -- Rich
  2. Ken, Krylon Fusion for Plastic in Red Pepper/Safety Red is the preferred color! (I also added a bit of red on top to help see my bird during turns and when it is climbing away from me) You might be able to test your repeater concept by setting up a situation in which direct line of sight between your ground control station and the bird is blocked, but you've got the repeater up in the air to relay telemetry. If communications fail with the barrier in place, you could easily remove the barrier to regain control without putting your FF6 at risk. My focus is on vegetation mapping, so my
  3. Hi Ken, This sounds like a pretty cool project and I wish you all the best in getting approvals. I fly the FireFLY6 PRO also, so thought I'd chime in with a few suggestions. I use the FireFly6 planner for my mission planning, and one of the failsafes that you can modify is for the bird's response when telemetry connections are lost. If you disable this failsafe, then the bird continues the planned mission (see "Failsafes" in the manual). I always have this failsafe enabled since I'm not flying BVLOS and I figure something has gone against the plan if I lose telemetry! (I'm in western Colo
  4. I just got my exhibition hall pass before the discount deadline. So, I'll be there parts of 3 days & look forward to meeting folks.