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  1. The "new" guy??? Anyway...haha I missed breakfast due to work emergencies...i still have to make a living. The exhibit hall is fantastic; drones as far as the eye can see, huge ones down to tiny ones. It's nice to meet the people that develop our products, like DroneDeploy, got to talk to Mike Winn for a while. The highlight was the Film Festival. I hope those are shared somewhere so you all can see them. Very inspiring and motivational. I'm definitely submitting next year. I wish I could post pictures here but they are too big. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for photos. Phoenix Drone Pros Hey Alan, sorry for the shameless plug...
  2. They showed an inspection of a building, the drone locked onto a specific distance from the building, and avoided objects in its path. But the best part was the ability to analyze the data. They flew the building inspection twice, removing some pieces between flights. The image it created actually marked the differences in the two images... not relying on humans. For instance, it showed that a small flag pole mount was removed..... very cool!
  3. you're right Alan, the CEO killed it with his live drone presentation of the Falcon 8+....take my money!!!
  4. Yes, I'll be going for the first time this year, Robert Biggs, owner of Phoenix Drone Pros, based in Phoenix, AZ. I do real estate, construction sites and events mainly. Looking forward to networking and learning.