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  1. I'm flying a Phantom 4 Pro +. I recently got some ND filters for it. They require a fair amount of torque to get on and off; I though I might have yarked it out of level. The manual override seems to be taking care of it.
  2. Just starting out in this drone thing. I got a few questions about proceedures. Your shots were very good. What did you do about the 400' height restriction? And how about the "line of sight?" Go up, get a shot, then land and drive to a new launch sight?
  3. The last couple of times I flew my shots have been very slightly off level. Does this indicate that I need to calibrate my gyros, or that perhaps I not being careful enough about having the drone perfectly level when I start it up? How ofter should you calibrate the IMU and the gyro anyway?
  4. Greetings, Folks. Just got a Phantom Pro +, learning to fly it and starting to study for the 107 test. Pretty daunting. Interested in Cinematograpy, I'm an experienced aerials cameraman, flown with people you know, Alan. Paul Barth and Al Guthery in Florida, and the Tamboros in LA.